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Yorkie ears should be trimmed so that the point is clean. Short, straight-edged scissors or those with a rounded edge can be used to trim the outside of the ear. Check the hair inside your Yorkie's ears regularly for dirt or wax. Clean the inside ear with a cotton ball and ear-cleaning solution for pets, and use a hemostat or tweezers to remove the hair inside the ear.

With their versatile and soft fur, Yorkies sport long, short and accessorized hairstyles.

Teacup Yorkies are naturally dainty, but you can find grooming styles that will bring out the masculine side of your little boy. A puppy cut will leave the hair on his body, head and ears short, while keeping a few longer locks around the face. This popular style is easier to comb, though it will need to be trimmed. Try cutting the hair on the top of his head short, while leaving the face and chin long, creating the appearance of a manly beard. Accessories are also a sweet choice for boys, with patterned collars and coordinated bow ties.

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Short Yorkie haircut with teddy bear head.: Yorkshire Terrier, Pet, Yorkie Haircuts, Hair Cut, Hair Style, Dog, Yorkie Cut, Animal A schnauzer cut is among the most common Yorkie hairstyles. For this particular style, the black fur on the dog's face and back is cut very short while the tan portions of its fur are trimmed to whatever length the owner desires. This cut can be carried out with scissors or clippers.

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If she’s a show dog, or even a wanna-be diva, her coat will be long and trimmed to floor length. A new twist on that look is to get her body hair cropped short leaving her legs, underbelly and ears shaggy. Kick up the cute factor by accessorizing her with a studded collar or a bandanna that matches her coloring. Lastly, a totally spiked hairstyle makes for an impishly adorable male Yorkie.

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You can explore the latest Yorkie haircuts pictures through these pet hairstyle books. It helps you to get the best style option available for you. Also, it helps you to explore that which particular hairdo will suit on your pup’s face. This is the best shortcut key to offer unique and smart appeal to the personality of your Yorkie, that too without wasting any additional hours.If you thought your Yorkie was such a doll as a pup with his shorter hair, there's nothing wrong with having your groomer give him a puppy cut as an adult. There's no shaving involved; the groomer will simply trim the hair on his entire body, leaving it one uniform length all around.A Yorkshire terrier with long hair will need about an hour of every day care. Yorkies with short hair can be cared for in less time. These dogs only need a quick brush every couple of days.Most Yorkie puppies don't need a full body trim until they are 4 months old. Even if you want to let your Yorkie's coat grow long, her body should be trimmed regularly to keep the coat line even. Most Yorkies sport a shorter cut for easier maintenance. A Yorkie will need her body trimmed every four to six weeks once she is full grown. In between grooming appointments, trim the hair under her tail around the anus to help keep her clean. Bathe your Yorkie once a month with a shampoo made for dogs and brush her daily to keep the coat tangle-free and neat. Always mist the coat with water before brushing.