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You can add upholstery cleaning solution to most types of home carpet cleaner, using a hand held attachment for cleaning your upholstered furniture. You can also use Woolite cleaner and other similar brands inside your carpet cleaner. However, once the furniture is clean and dry, you should Scotchguard the furniture as this will stop dirt from sticking. This also means you’ll need to clean your furniture less often.

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Several years ago I purchased a microfiber sofa and love seat sectional for our family room. This is a large piece of furniture and it seems to collect dirt and stains rather easily to my dismay.

I did find a solution to this problem when I discovered Woolite Fabric and Upholstery Foam Cleaner. I like using this product because it is easy to apply quickly and leaves our furniture with a fresh and clean smell.

I have had to remove many types of spills, such as from food and drink, and also from day to day dirt and grime. It really works great.

For example, I was very worried about one particular and it came up with no issue. Just spray the foam on the spot and rub it with a dry towel and you will love the results.

I usually just purchase a 14 ounce spray can from Walmart. It really is a good value and fairly inexpensive. One can seems to hold up a couple months at a time.

I also have my son use it on my and it works wonderfully for that also.

Thanks for sharing your Woolite upholstery cleaner review Mila.

Has anyone else used this or another product for cleaning their upholstery? If so, I would love to hear your review.

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Removes Deep Down Dirt, Stains and Odors

For upholstery stains, try a cleaner with a brush head for quick cleanup Depending on the material, Woolite foam can be effective for cleaning upholstered furniture or, as an alternative, Woolite liquid detergent whipped into a foam with water is also highly recommended. Spread or spray the foam onto the furniture, then allow it to dry thoroughly before vacuuming off. Take a cloth dampened with a 10:1 mix of water and vinegar and wipe lightly over the furniture to take care of any soapy residues. The idea of a wipe is quite popular and is very easy to use. Always clean with a damp rag to remove all the soap residue to finish.

Fabric & Upholstery Cleaner Foam Cleaner with ..

I spilled a carton of juice on the carpet and furniture in my rental apartment, so I was in a desperate hurry to get a good carpet and upholstery cleaner when I came across Woolite Oxy Deep spot and stain carpet and upholstery cleaner spray.

The label said that this product is oxygen activated so I decided to buy it because I had good experiences with oxygen activated products in the past.

It was a little more expensive than some of the other brands and twice the price of the generic but I knew I could trust the Woolite brand and I needed a quality product to remove the stains quickly.

I sprayed the product on the and let it set for five minutes as the directions said to do.

Then I gently rubbed with a cloth and noticed the stains immediately lifting from the upholstery.

Woolite OxyDeep removed all traces of the juice stains from the furniture and almost all traces from the carpet.

It also left behind little to no smell which I appreciated because I am not a fan of chemical smells. I would definitely recommend this product.

Thanks Amanda for sharing your experiences with this Woolite product.

I noticed that Woolite has several versions of carpet cleaner, each with oxygen activation. If you have used any of these cleaners, please share your review with me so we can all learn how they work. You can , or read others that have already been submitted.

In addition, you can for any other brand, telling me how it worked for you.

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