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My friend & I headed to this meat lovers spot after a long day of travel & we were not disappointed. We started with the wolf turds, I recommend if you like a bit of heat. We shared ribs, pulled pork, & brisket. We enjoyed trying the unique BBQ sauces on the meat, they have 3. Savory to sweet, it...

Wolf Turds: (this is a modification of something I ate at a BBQ place recently).

I can’t recommend anything, cause food ain’t on my mind when I’m in a bar. It would have to be something unique and damn good to entice me away from my glass. Maybe Atomic Wolf turds®

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I've tried the ABT's, Wolf Turds and some other concoctions, and really didn't like any of them all that well. I found a simple recipe for poppers. It’s a long story. An old boy named Mike Gunter who lived around here come into the local watering hole one day with some grilled Japs wrapped in bacon and stuffed with super thin soy marinated pork loin strips rolled up like a newspaper. We ate em up like little piglets of course. The story was he got the recipe out of some unknown magazine but there wasnt no name for em. So..I named em Cowtown Wolf Turds and started spreading the recipe as Mike described it. Always giving him full credit of course. There was another fella up in Amarillo named Wiley “Coyote” Mixon..a proud Klose owner might I add..who say he had been making the same type thing since Old Shep was still a pup but he stuffed his with cream cheese instead of pork loin..and his didnt have no name either. Think we come to a gentlemanly type agreement that he would call his Atomic Buffalo Turds..whilst the loin stuffed variety would remain to be called Cowtown Wolf Turds. Seems like the ABT terminology

Atomic Buffalo Turds - BBQ Addicts

First reference I have for Cowtown Wolf Turds is July 2000 from Bigwheel and used pork tenderloin. He had a few variations, Dragon Turds, Cowtown Pregnant Wolf Turd and Cowtown Pregnant Virgin Turds. (recipes below) My current variations are dried date with chorizo and dried fig with Italian sausage, bacon wrapped of course.

Smoked Atomic Buffalo Turd Jalapeno Poppers (aka - A.B.T.)