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However, if a Wisteria is grown with the idea of bonsai or topiary, it is possible. Regular pruning to maintain a smaller plant is the key. That is pruning not only in the visible portion of the plant, but also in the roots.

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Watering and Fertilizing: The first year after planting, Wisterias need the equivalent of 1in of water per week to speed their establishment. If sufficient moisture fails to fall from the sky, water deeply once a week. Established plants need watering only during prolonged dry spells. Wisterias require little if any fertilizing; excessive fertilizer inhibits bloom. If your soil is especially poor or sandy, you might give plants a light feeding of 5-10-10 or 5-10-5 at the rate of 3/4 cup per square yard in early spring each year.

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My name is Patrick I have a pergola over my deck so it's about 12 feet high I'm planing to grow the blue moon wisteria that the only one that I can find in Montreal but one thing that I'm worried that we always have lunch and dinner under my pergola so the flower or it's pollen are dangerous for us and our children or not cause I check the information from internet that it's flowers are poison for human. So can I have an advise about this point please if wisteria is not good so which vine is suitable for me in this case
Thank you very much

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I ordered some cuttings from ebay about 6 years ago or so. There were 3 'purple' and one white. They were ordered and arrived in winter and were kept in my shed, along with some crepe myrtles, until spring. I planted them and braided them together. The white never bloomed but the purple ones did from that first year. I haven't lived there for several years, so the white one may have started blooming. In any case it is a beautiful braided tree and it was super simple to do. The vines grow into each other and form a nice thick trunk after the first few years. Until then, it will need to be carefully staked, especially if you live in an area that gets heavy snow and ice in the winter. If you opt to order wisteria online, always ask whether it is a seeding or a cutting. Seedlings can take decades to bloom, and some never do. I tried to attach a link to a pic of my braided wisteria, but the site won't let me.

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American wisteria is not often grown because it is not as showy in bloom and only slightly fragrant, characteristics far outweighed by its calmer growth habit and native status. Another is that it is not an easy plant to find, although with the help of the Internet I did find mail order sources.How to tell the difference? The Asian species are aggressive growers with fuzzy seed pods while the American wisteria is not an aggressive grower and has smooth seed pods, glabrous fruits and more or less cylindrical, bean-shaped seeds. The native wisteria’s flowers appear after the plant has leafed out, a difference from the Asian species. The blooms only appear on new wood.