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Looking for an inexpensive housing solution for your bunny (ies)? Take a look at this dainty little rabbit cage from Ware Manufacturing. It has a two piece wire frame design that assembles in a jiffy and keeps your bunnies safe and comfortable.

This is a great site for explaining how to build an all wire rabbit cage.

After that, be sure to properly, securely assemble each section and then tie it with wire ties or binds. The important thing is to cut your wire for the outside of the cage so that it fits properly into the door interiors, securing as indicated from the wire rabbit cage plan you’re using.


We proudly help you find  online and help you make your wire rabbit cage selection. The Wabbitat is advertised as the perfect habitat for bunnies and rightly so. This is a folding rabbit cage with a wire frame design that has a flawless design. I say flawless, because it ticks all the right boxes.

Miller Manufacturing Wire Pop-Up Rabbit Cage, 24 inch, Multicolor

Rabbit Hutch Plans. Easy assembly. Free rabbit hutch building plans let you hang 4 to 8 wire cages on PVC outdoor rabbit hutch. Set up automatic water system

Miller Manufacturing Wire Pop-Up Rabbit Cage, 24 inch, Black

These cages that keep all of your bunnies together makes feeding and cleaning the hutches much more efficient. You just have to pay closer attention to illness because they are closer together. And it is possible for rabbits to breed through the wire.Basically, what they did was cut a hole in the side of the garage and built a wire cage that connects on the inside and outside. It is also divided so they can house multiple rabbits.The benefit of an all wire cage is that it is much easier to keep clean and is also very good at keeping your rabbits safe. Predators have a hard time chewing through wire. Your rabbit’s safety is always a top priority as they have many predators.If you are making a double-hole rabbit cage, you must provide a solid divider between the two holes. Rabbits will bite or barber each other through a wire divider. Dividers should be sheet metal with crimped and smoothed edges, or PVC sheeting. You can purchase either pre-cut from a cage supplier. When you go to build your rabbit a cage, you don’t need to make it fancy. Bunnies don’t ask for a mansion; they just like a cozy corner where they can eat, sleep, and mark their scent. The most common home-built rabbit cage is made of galvanized wire. The first and most important decision is whether you should build your own cages or buy rabbit cages already built. () One assumption is that if you build your own cages, you’ll save lots of money. We did not find that to be the case. For 42 holes, we spent over $700. Probably with shrewd purchasing and just a little luck, we could have bought just about the same number of holes for the same amount of money, more or less. It is not financially worthwhile to make just a few cages because the tools involved are somewhat of an investment. (Note: wire has gone up in price dramatically since we built our first cages.)