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In order to find your true shoe size when you are buying shoes use the Brannock shoe measuring device at the shoe store. That will give you both the width and length of your foot. There are many people who find, after measuring their feet, that they have one foot longer or wider than the other. This is a normal variant and there is nothing to worry about. One of the reasons why it happens can be genetic and you can blame it on mom or dad. The formation of bunions and tailor bunions are boney abnormalities that have a genetic predisposition and will change the anatomical boney alignment of the foot making it wider. Another reason could be because of a splay foot where the ligaments weaken and the foot can elongate and widen. Women during pregnancy may experience this type of phenomena because of the hormone Relaxin that is released to allow the ligaments in the pelvis to stretch during the time of delivery. The ligaments in the foot can also become affected and the foot can get wider and longer. However, once the foot gets longer or wider it does not go back to its original size.

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Last year I cut my foot so bad on coral in the water around Kaanapali, I required stitches, and antibiotics. We're going again this year and I plan on getting in the water but with water shoes. Does anyone know where I can get these in and what they cost?

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