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New to the rabbit game I was feed improperly. She was only eating the junk in her store bought food. I thought she was getting enough fiber from the lawn . She out in all day until night. Not he case. She needed the right fiber. After a vet bill I researched online and came across Sherwood . SHE LOVES THIS FOOD! She is soft, energetic, no longer upset, and stool is normal! Get recovery food as well. It is nice to have just in case. I also immediately started feeding the digestive supplements and continue to do so. She is 6 lbs. I give her three a day. The combination of this great food and the digestive supplements quickly brought her back-to health . Shipping is fast and I would highly recommend this product for any rabbit owner ! I rarely write reviews on products. I felt that I must Share what this has done for us.

There is a wild rabbit in my backyard. is it okay to give him carrots or some type of food, what would you recommend

In the first article in this series, we discussed the need rabbits have for indigestible fiber. But fiber, while important, is only part of the story. Protein and fat and the sources from which they come are also vital pieces in the nutritional puzzle. Because rabbits are still not considered “equal” to dogs and cats by the pet food industry, information about rabbit nutrition and what is best for rabbits is slow in coming.

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Rabbits will also eat bark on trees, tender twigs and sprouts, fruits, seeds and other nutritious foods in much small amounts. This is important to know when we decide what is a healthy diet for our house rabbits. The majority of the house rabbit diet should be composed of grass hay (any variety). The ideal diet for any pet rabbit begins with a pellet food source. Pellet food contains a wealth of nutrition that's specially formulated for rabbits, and this food is easy on the animal's digestive system. A good rabbit pellet food will have between 15 and 16 percent protein, which is usually what most rabbits require. If you notice your rabbit's urine begins to turn reddish in color, try a pellet food with a lower protein content since the reddish urine is a result of the rabbit getting too much protein.

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Along with pellet food, a rabbit's diet should be fortified with hay, straw and fruits. Hay and straw are important because they contain a different type of fiber than what's found in most pellet foods, and this fiber is excellent for the rabbit's cardiovascular health. Chewing on hay and straw also helps keep the rabbit's teeth worn down. Good choices include timothy hay, orchard grass, coastal Bermuda or fescue. If you're gathering the hay or straw from your own yard, make sure it is free of thorns, weeds, mold and dust.

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Just like with humans, there’s a big difference between what we like to eat and what we should eat. Then there’s also those things that we may like to eat but we may be allergic or sensitive to. Rabbits are not different than humans in both regards. Rabbits like green plant matter and have a sweet tooth. Both of those traits can get a bunny into big trouble. I am not a veterinarian, so I won’t focus heavily on how to feed your pet rabbit but I will share with you a list what human foods are toxic to rabbits and why.Oxbow pellets are one of the best brands and although they are a little more expensive, they are so much healthier! You can get Alfalfa and Timothy pellets from Oxbow. Some of the packages have a resealable top. Alfalfa is considered "Young or Baby" rabbit food and Timothy pellets are considered "Mature" rabbit food. What that means is that for bunnies under 8 months, the alfalfa is important because it has a higher fat content, and babies and lactating mother rabbits need that extra fat. For bunnies over 8 months, they can be slowly switched to Timothy which has less fat and is healthier at that point. Overweight bunnies can develop all kinds of problems, including liver issues.