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You weren't trapped in to 3RR, you made three reverts, you could have stopped after the first, or the second however you didn't. The other editor said "superfluous" and "redundant", you reverted saying to build a consensus on the talk page you didn't make a case for keeping the image. Instead you attacked those who had reverted you and implied a 3RR trap. If you want consensus then you have it, at the moment, 2:1 to keep the image out as it is redundant. The two images show the same thing, so if you want, pick which one is the best, then keep that but there is no point in having two images showing the exact same thing. And on the talk page the other editor did already establish a consensus, in August, when the picture was changed. You stated in November that you wanted to get it up to FA, that's not going to happen with two pictures. You need to show a whale tail (on a whale) a whale tail (on a car) and a whale tail (on a woman). The article has these, duplicate pictures would be the first thing that an FA reviewer would ask to be changed. You got the article to GA, but fighting over something that goes against policy is never going to improve an article. () 17:47, 9 April 2009 (UTC)

Whale Tail robe hooks (RH4) with Mack escutcheon (IP21014) shown in white bronze, medium patina.

Quoting policy after policy (, , synthesis etc.) and eroding stuff from the article by the people who tried to get it deleted, declaring it would never have any value, and who never contributed a single typed-in character to develop the article - that's what we have here. Please, discuss before you remove, particularly if it's a direct quote with direct relevance from a highly . Also, use rationality. "Wearing pants below waist and thereby exposing skin or intimate clothing" is indeed a law that concerns whale-tails, unless you are totally bent on . And, stop removing stuff that contextualize the subject, like the rise of the g-string and low-rise pants, especially when the context has been adequately explained through sourced information. Eroding stuff little by little may eventually get the article minimized to a level when it's ready for another deletion proposal, but that may not be a very desirable situation. ( • ) 14:13, 30 June 2008 (UTC)

Whale Tail Wall Hook is rated 4.0 out of 5 by 1.

Kona Humpback Whale Tail 1 The 12 foot high hand sculpted solid black marble Whale tails have just been moved to South of Burlington, best seen from interstate 89. Sculpter is Jim Sardonis of Randolph.

Whale Tail 1 Photograph by George Battersby - Fine Art America

There is a sculpture of a whale's tail on a hillside overlooking Randolph, Vermont. It can be seen from Interstate highway 89 and Route 66, across from the McDonald's. It's a little out of place don't you think?? It has been there since I moved here in 1988.

#121- 8" Long Whale Tail with 1 3/8" Spade - PDR Finesse Tools