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Weighted vests, like any tool, need to be used deliberately and not simply tossed in the mix of training. Due to the easy application—literally putting on a garment—weight vests are extremely deceptive and are often forgotten or underestimated until too late. As a precaution, weight vests should be seen as a way to make familiar exercises harder for beginners, and mastered exercises safer for elite athletes trying to add intensity. Stepping back weighted vests are likely to represent that common “5% of the program” adage, meaning that the most-experienced coaches realize that no matter how great something is, it’s only a small part of a well-organized program and not a primary factor. If you are looking to intelligently and gradually fine tune a good program by adding the right load, weighted vests are excellent if placed in the right areas.

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There are numerous benefits of weight vests, so what’s the catch? What are the disadvantages of wearing a weight vest? As far as weight vests have been studied, the only damage that can result from wearing one is if the individual is not used to exercise and uses improper form or if the weight vest itself is constructed poorly. All of these reasons could lead to a strain on joints and muscles and back problems.

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Weight Vests designed for CrossFit and bodyweight exercises | made in the USA. "I really like weight vests for Bulgarian Split-Squats, because it makes the setup much simpler," says Tony Bonvechio, strength coach at Cressey Sports Performance (Hudson, Massachusetts). "It's tough to get into position with your back leg, especially if you have a barbell on your back or in the front rack position You don't have to load the exercise very heavy to get a training effect either, so a weight vest works well."

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Boudro frequently uses weight vests to suspension exercises. Since suspension exercises use body weight, wearing a weight vest works the same as it does with other bodyweight moves—adding a higher load. Here are his go-to moves:

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The concept of using a weight vest for exercise is getting to be more popular. This has left more people wondering whether or not using a weight vest is actually a good idea to lose weight. The purpose of wearing a weight vest is to give you a more intense workout, by adding more weight to your body. They are basically heavy vests that you wear over your torso and which provide you with various amounts of resistance. Two of the most popular weights used for vests are the 20- and 50-pound versions, though other weight limits also exist.Advantage 1: Increases strength and endurance
Benefits from wearing weight vests are seen in both strength training and aerobic activities. Carrying extra weight during exercise requires added strength and oxygen, all the while sapping your energy stores. With any exercise the more weight used, the more the muscles have to adapt to the higher weight—which builds strength and muscular endurance. tracked a group of collegiate football players performing traditional resistance training combined with plyometrics and a second group performing resistance training and plyometrics in addition to weight vest training. After six weeks, both groups were found to have improved in the 40-yard dash, broad jump, and vertical jump, though the group supplementing their resistance training with weight vests produced substantially better results.