Just run the test strip under water to evaluate your water hardness.

AQUADUR® water hardness test strips come in a wide variety of different gradations and packaging options for your individual needs. Single sealed test strips are for example available for promotion activities to inform customers about the necessity of water softeners.
Since we completely control the production process of our test strips in-house, we can cater to very specific or unique requests.

Water hardness test kits may use water hardness test tablets or paper test strips (see below).

After filling a glass with cold water from your bathroom sink, insert the test strip for several seconds and then remove it. Also, it’s important to note that you should not just stick the strip under running water, as this can provide inaccurate results. As the strip changes color, compare it to the color chart included in your kit. Each color on the chart corresponds to the hardness of your water, with results measured in grains per gallon (gpg).

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Test strips for water quality including hardness, iron, phosphate and nitrate. Total Hardness Test Strips 0-425 mg/L, 1000 tests, Individually Wrapped Great for on-site evaluations of total water hardness (as CaCO3) Accurate and easy to use - just dip and read Strips are individually wrapped for maximum portability and stability About hardness: Water hardness is…

Water Hardness Test Strips: Measure Water Hardness 0-30 gpg/500ppm

METHOD: In the presence of a green indicator the hardness ions Ca²? and Mg²? react with Titriplex® III to form a colorless, stable complex. The hardness ions that are present in excess relative to Titriplex® III react with the indicator to form a red complex. The reaction zones of the test strips, which are impregnated with differing amounts of Titriplex® III, thus assume a green to red color, depending on the hardness of the water sample. The total hardness is then measured semiquantitatively by visual comparison of the reaction zones with the color rows of a color scale.

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For well water, use the hardness test strips provided with your appliance or have a sample of your untreated water tested by a water testing laboratory.De'Longhi supplies a water hardness testing strip with every bean to cup and premium pump coffee machine so that you can instruct your machine on the hardness (limescale) level of your tap water supply. The machine will then automatically remind you when to run it's auto descale programme.
Descaling is very important to keep your machine in optimum condition and avoid breakdowns.
Here is a quick, guided procedure on how to interpret the test results.Morton Salt will send you a water test strip to help you find out if you have any hard water issues. Just run the test strip under water to evaluate your water hardness. Sign up today!Total Hardness test strips for water quality are the ideal solution for many projects. Offered in a variety of packaging options, Total Hardness test strips are perfect for service work, classroom demonstrations, or to give to customers instead of an expensive service call. Total Hardness test strips for water quality offer a wide range of detection and calibrated to be both accurate and sensitive. With their low cost and high accuracy, Total Hardness test strips also offer you a time-savings. No more counting drops or waiting for laboratory results. With total hardness water quality test strips you are in control and can find out exactly where your calcium level is before it becomes a problem.