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A majority of the horns on sale in retail settings were fake: probably 90 percent of end consumers would unknowingly purchase products made of water buffalo or other bovine horn. The horn on offer tends to be either cut slabs or tips, indicating that it mostly comes from polished and modified water buffalo horns. When asked for the base of a horn, which is easier to identify, dealers typically claim that, because it is the most valuable part, it was sold first, so only the tips are left. We even filmed in a factory where people prepared the tips of water buffalo horn to make them look more polished and more like the tips of rhino horns.

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For sale is a great set of Asian Water Buffalo horn carvings. This set of horns features very intricate carvings of both pheasant like birds on the base and a pair of dragons encircling the tip of the horns. The craftsmanship is very well done, earning our overall quality rating. All applicable dimensions are included to help ensure this item will fit within your intended display space. This would make an excellent addition to any home, cabin, trophy room or office decorated in a safari or outdoor theme.

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Horns, April 28, 2015, We have new polished water buffalo horns for sale. Wholesale priced animal horns and antlers for making shofars, antler chandeliers, knife handles, cane handles, antler lamps, and for rustic decorating. We carry kudu horns, gemsbok horns, sheep horns, ram horns, water buffalo horns and buffalo scales, springbok horns, African impala horns, blesbok horns, goat horns, polished kudu horns, and polished buffalo horns.

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