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Different site models are better fits for different locations and personal goals. If you have a higher traffic count we may suggest an Express tunnel wash. If you are considering developing a destination site with larger investment, maybe a Flex or multi-profit Gas/C-Store/Wash model. For the smaller appetite or smaller site, we also have the Mini.

I am frequently asked about the proper way to wash and store fresh leafy greens

Everyone has their personal preferences as to why they shop where they do. Some people like a produce section better; others may like a certain pharmacy and want to make only one trip. But anyone will judge a grocery store on its initial appearance and curb appeal. That’s why you should consider having the entrance of your grocery store power washed on a regular basis. Consider these factors in your decision to hire Advanced Power Washing & Window Cleaning for your cleaning needs.

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Easy Ways to Wash, Dry, and Store Used Plastic Bags - The Yummy Life Bacteria can grow while you store your produce, so it’s best to wash produce right before you use it. Additionally, washing fruits and vegetables before you store them can make them spoil faster. If you have a pathological need to wash produce the moment it crosses the threshold, be sure to dry it thoroughly with a clean paper towel, and wash it again before you eat it just in case.

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Our online store offers easy, one-stop shopping for detergents and consumable products once your wash is in full operation. Available over the web and via our app.

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Blast Off Equipment is south florida pressure washer superstore and servicecenter. We carry the leading pressure washers powered by Honda and equipped with the best pumps byGeneral Pump. Blast Off Equipment also carries a complete selection of electric pressure washers,Hot & Cold Pressure Washers, Auto Detailing Equipment, Custom Trailers, Airless Paint Sprayersand a wide variety of pressure washings Accessories, pressure washer hoses, pressure washer nozzles,pressure washer pumps, pressure washer extension wands and more. We are also service all of ourequipment at our West Palm Beach Service Center. Let the experts at Blast-Off Equipment Customizeyour pressure washing trailer or auto detailing trailer to fit your business. We also specialize inchemical sprayer equipment for Lawn Maintenance, Pest Control, and Agriculture.The presentation and maintenance of the exterior surfaces of commercial buildings is key to maintaining value and promoting a great first impression to customers and property users. Our pressure cleaning service for grocery and retail storefronts helps promote a clean and healthy environment by including gum and surface stain removal from sidewalk areas. Typically, we power wash sidewalk areas up to 20 feet on either side of the main store entrance.The BEST method for how to wash and store kale, so that it stays fresh and ready for quick smoothies and salads! Using these easy tips, your kale will stay fresh for over a week, and up to two weeks.
I am frequently asked about the proper way to wash and store fresh leafy greens. As you probably know, greens love to wilt and spoil before you have a chance to use them.