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Switch to anyone else—and deal with Walmart’s corporate headquarters instead of Straight Talk. These thieves have zero customer service and just ripped my mom off for several hundred dollars. They “forgot” to autobill her credit card, then shut off her phone with no notice,forcing her to lose her number she’s had for years, and making her expensive phone useless, and refuse to take any responsibility at all. Thieves……Of course I guess if you want Walmart prices, you’re gonna get Walmart service………

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hours , walmart corporate phone number , walmart online customer service number ,. On 3/26/2013 I made a payment at my local Walmart store in Chillicothe,Ohio with a cashier’s check and paid off my account. Since then they cannot find my money i have faxed them all the information needed such as a copy of the check and the receipt i received and a copy of when the check i gave them cleared.($2864.00) They told me from the beginning it would only take a couple of days to resolve this issue. Now they are saying 1 to 3 billing periods. After numerous call to them and their corporate office.
Today i recieved a telephone call from their collections department about a payment.
This is very unprofessional and harrasment!! Looks like Walmart needs to be sued treating a faithful customer this way!!

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I was terminated yesterday for supposedly stealing a $25 ITunes gift card. The AP rep Tony that questioned me seem to think he was on an episode of The Closer. Instead of getting directly to the point he went into some song & dance asking me what I would do to improve WalMart….telling me stories about associates that did wrong things for good reason etc….the store AP finally told me exactly what was going on. Tony seemed to be trying to force me to remember a single transaction that took place on December 13th 2013 and/or force a confession. I supposedly swapped out the card…..put the activated one into my pocket and left the store with it. I would not do that. I must have thought
it was inactive and planned to trash it then forgot it was in my pocket. I put trash in there all the time. I was in such an emotional state I did not ask to see the video and I was not offered to view it. I am writing instead of calling the store because I am embarrassed and afraid of breaking down again. I was told about the open door to the manager but fear I would once again get emotional. I have on numerous occasions SAVED WalMart money. I told the previous manager about the front end being vacant 1 day when I reported to work. I told the CSM when money was in the wrong slots in a self check and was giving out 10s instead of 1s. I reported when the overnight CSM did not seem to see the problem with this. I turned in a WalMart gift card that had $200 on it to a CSM. Does it make sense that I would do that and then purposely steal a $25 ITunes card? Yes I have an Iphone but I haven’t used ITunes since Jan 2013 to load some ringtones on it. NOBODY seemed to want to believe me. This is probably a waste of time but I needed to let Corporate know some way about what happened to me.

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