Virbac Humilac Dog & Cat Dry Skin Spray (8 fl. oz.)

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Virbac Resisoothe Lotion, Humilac Spray, Allergroom Shampoo

One thing you can try to keep the skin moist is to try some Humilac spray made by Virbac. I don't spray it b/c it doesn't penetrate to the skin - instead, I take 5 capfulls and mix them with a liter or 2 of water and then pour that over the dog after you shampoo him. Don't rinse off the humilac. Just somethin to try since the chlorhex and BP will dry skin.

Virbac Humilac Dog & Cat Dry Skin Spray (8 fl. oz.)

Virbac Humilac Dog & Cat Dry Skin Spray (8 fl. oz.) How about topical sprays? I bought something called "Humilac" (by Virbac) and worked this into Witherspoon's coat. It made him pretty curly but who knows what the results will be. Any other sprays/leave-in conditioners?

Virbac Humilac Spray at Pet Shed

Virbac Humilac Spray is a lanolin-free, soothing dry skin conditioner spray for dogs and cats to control dry skin and improve hair coat luster.

Humilac Spray by Virbac (8 oz) - EntirelyPets

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BATHING HAIRLESS GUINEA PIGS: Basically, hairless guinea pigs rarely need baths but when they do I have used a very mild shampoo. Virgin cold-pressed coconut oil can also be used to clean the skin of a hairless. Gently apply to the skin; do not wash off. In addition, I have used Virbac's Humilac spray to keep the skin moist and supple.