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We do not recommend applying any shampoo directly to a wound or broken skin due to potential irritation. Even a mild non-medicated shampoo can be irritating to compromised skin and we recommend users avoid applying any shampoo directly into a cut or wound. Vetericyn Plus Wound & Skin Care Hydrogel can be applied to broken skin to form a protective barrier over the affected area.

Vetericyn products have no antibiotics and no steroids and will test free on competition animals.

The formula found in Vetericyn’s livestock products consists of oxychlorine compounds similar to those produced by the animal’s own immune system, and will not harm healthy tissue. The pH-neutral sprays and gels contain no alcohol or iodine, and do not sting when applied.

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VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED Jada, my dog, who was suffering from these wounds for some time and at that time we were considering amputation. One of Vetericyn’s account managers came to our clinic for a training and I told her about my dog who had been suffering from theses sores for a while. She recommend the liquid product to me and Jada has improved greatly!

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Vetericynis the first non-toxic broad-spectrum topical antimicrobial on the market. The landscape-altering wound and infection control technology kills bacteria (including staph and drug-resistant MRSA), viruses, fungi and spores without harming healthy tissue. Vetericynreplicates the immune system’s natural response to invading pathogens with an oxidative burst of neutrophils, the most common white blood cells in the body. The body recognizes this as a friendly infection-treating ally. Within seconds of applying Vetericyn, blood flow increases and wound-healing nutrients are delivered to the site. Harmful pathogens are eradicated and accelerated healing begins.

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For example, the QCU failed to investigate, or did not fully investigate complaints, in numerous documented instances. Specifically, numerous complaints were received by your firm from June to November 2011, for Vetericyn® Ophthalmic Gel, Vetericyn® Wound and Infection Equine, Vetericyn® All Animal Wound & Infection, and Vetericyn® Pink Eye Spray. For example, consumers reported adverse events relating to use in their animals, such as an eyelid being stuck to the cornea, skin initation and reactions, inflamed wound after product use, leaking and damaged bottles, eye irritation after product use, and that the product was ineffective for the intended use.Give your horse a show ring shine the simple way with Vetericyn FoamCare premium equine shampoos. Formulated specifically for equine coats, FoamCare makes it easy to deliver a fresh clean scent while administering the nutrients that are vital for optimal skin health. Available in an everyday shampoo or medicated formula that helps heal common skin problems, FoamCare is the easy choice for a better bath.2) Your firm has not established laboratory controls that include scientifically sound and appropriate specifications to assure that components and drug products conform to appropriate standards of identity, strength, quality and purity, as required by 21 CFR § 211.160(b). For example, your firm has not established microbial specifications or conducted microbial testing on the purified water used in the formulation of your veterinary drug products. Your firm conducts bioburden testing, but this test method fails to demonstrate microorganism recovery. Also, your firm does not conduct growth promotion testing on the media. In the Innovacyn Response, a bioburden testing chart from 2011 was included; however, this response is inadequate because it fails to include testing data. We acknowledge your commitment to conduct microbial testing, but your response failed to include the microbial testing method proposed by your firm.Vetericyn® allows animal owners to clean, treat and protect wounds against infection in one step, replacing the need for several first-aid products. It is an effective treatment for horses as well as small companion animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits and birds.