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For over 21 years, SOVA has been simplifying the sale, implementation and management of telecom services for agents and their business customers nationwide. SOVA offers customized Verizon partner programs for Telecom Agents, VARS and Telesales organizations and offers customer solutions in every product category including PIP (MPLS), Ethernet, FiOS, VoIP and Local Services. to learn more about SOVA and their agent program.

Telecom master agent  has been named a platinum member of the Verizon Partner Program.

Under the revised Verizon Solutions Partners Program, the company plans to recruit and train additional sales agents. In addition, authorized sales agents who currently offer Verizon data products such as DSL and other Internet services will receive special training to increase the agents' knowledge of the products. The agents will also learn consultative sales techniques and be able to participate in an increased compensation plan.

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Sounds like it is the Verizon IHA (In Home Agent) program. Check your programs to see if IHA is there and uninstall it. The Sales Maker program offers discounts for individuals that have sales-impacting roles in Verizon Wireless National Retail and Indirect Agent sales channels.

Your eligibility for this program is tied to your employment status, which may change over time. So we'll periodically ask you to validate your current employment status.. Having accurate information regarding the company you work for and your selling role helps ensure that you'll receive the discounts that you're eligible for.

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The new Verizon Partner Program also allows partners to select how they want to do business with the telecom carrier, offering three business models: the agent model, where partners sell Verizon products and services on behalf of the company; the resale model, which offers partners flexibility to package, market and resell Verizon services; and the "sell with" model, where partners jointly market and present complementary solutions but don't actually sell Verizon products or services.

SOVA has achieved Platinum status in the Verizon Partner Program.

TBI is committed to making the best experience for its selling partners. Significant investment into the Verizon business partner program further allows for sub-agents to capitalize on the Verizon name, expand into new markets and grow revenues through Verizon’s solutions in networks, advanced communications, cloud, IT and applications, mobility and M2M and security.

RISMEDIA, August 25, 2010—Real estate agents who sell in markets that have Verizon’s FiOS (fiber optic service) for TV, Internet and phone have an extra advantage in this tough real estate market. With the common theme of ‘getting back to basics,’ it’s important to demonstrate value to your clients. The Verizon Agent Rewards Program (ARP) provides the advantage, plus rewards for both the agent and the buyer.