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Man what a find, this is a vegan's dream.

I was here with a couple of Thai friends, and between us we got several dishes totalling just 170 baht, leaving all three of us stuffed. The food was just very local, no thrills Thai food.

If you're a vegan as I am, you can probably appreciate the frustrations of seeing a delightful, local Thai lunch buffet, but walking straight passed because you can't be sure what contains meat and what doesn't. It's that same type of thing, with the same prices (I didn't see any dish that cost more than 25 baht), but everything here is vegetarian (and I think vegan, although I can't be sure).

English is very limited, and although I was here with Thai friends, when they were sat down or at another vendor, I found that any Thai working here who did speak English was happy to translate. This included the manager of the place, who was a fairly young girl who was clearly passionate about this place, asking me how I'd heard about it, wanting to make it a success.

All I'll say is that if you're vegetarian / vegan, and want local food at local prices without the worry it contains meat or fish sauce or anything else, then this place is your dream. I can assure you I'll be going back here again.

I especially recommend it on weekends as its near, almost in the Chattuchak Weekend Market.

“Dallas’ finest vegetarian buffet…indeed food for the soul.” The Link, October 2000

Vegfox I don't see constructive criticism at all. If you felt like the food was not plant-based, you could have asked. How come the food was below standard when all other people are highly satisfied? Also taking a new plate at a buffet is not nice indeed. It seems unlikely that the owner yelled at your wife for no more reasons than that, though. I wouldn't trust your review, and I in truth don't since I know this place and am very satisfied.

11:30a - 9p (buffet 11:30a - 8p).

Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, American, International, Buffet, Fast food, Take-out Casual vegan food restaurant behind the Country Life health food shop, alley off Old Square, just south of Astronomical Clock. Restaurant is buffet style and offers fast food items including greens, salads, juices, hot main dishes, veggie burgers, and desserts. Choose what you want and pay for food by weight. Large space inside with many natural wooden tables for seating, or sit outside in the courtyard. June 2016 reported vegan.

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Part of international chain of vegan restaurants opened by followers of Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Each location is individual family owned and operated. Serving all vegan food, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, and vegan dessert. Sunday is buffet. Conducts free vegan cooking classes.

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