Ice-Bat, comes from an Ice Cave and loves hiding inside Ice Chests

The Ohm Beads Uglydoll collection is now available globally. Aside from the official website (please note this link is affiliate and I’ll earn a small commission from any sales made,) you can find them at the following retailers:-

Wage makes us smile. The following description appears on the official Uglydoll website.

The Uglydoll 3D print characters will be in a T-pose formatted, dynamic stance and are currently available on the MakerBot website. A 3D printable Uglydoll bus and other environments for the miniature Uglydoll characters will also be available later this summer.

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OX steals our hearts. The following description appears on the official Uglydoll website. My olderst daughter’s favorite is Jiker, while my middle child prefers Hib Eyebye. These are great gifts for young and old! You can order right from the Uglydoll website, or they can be found at retailers nationwide.

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And it's the message and story that is pushing the business forward. Already this year, Pretty Ugly has sold twice the number of Uglydolls as it did last year. (Though Horvath won't reveal any numbers, he says "millions upon millions" of dolls have sold.) There are Uglydoll calendars, books, lunch boxes, and action figures. A trip to the website is a portal into an animated world of funny little creatures, and serves as another community-building and retail platform. Horvath says they are even branching out into the entertainment world in the near future.

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