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Recap: How to Roast A Turkey
Cooking instructions from the Oven Bag box, cavity stuffing from , outside treatment a product of tasty experimentation!

Secret Turkey Recipe In Brown Paper Bag - I'll never make Thanksgiving turkey any other way!

Hi Kristine and Emily – I was looking at this recipe with all the great seasonings and I am going to try this! Thanks for the recipe! But not to contradict what Emily says, but I’ve cooked my turkeys in the electric roaster for 20 years, and have always used a bag. I just make sure the bag doesn’t touch the side/top/lid of the electric roaster. I tie it tight. I still use the flour in the bag, and vent it with holes. I place my turkey in a disposable pan, than place it in the electric roaster. Good Luck! tip – I make sure I buy a small enough turkey to fit in my roaster, so that I do have plenty of space so the bag doesn’t touch the roaster. Turns out so juicy! Here is a link about it

Watch the video, then get DYCLARK's 5-star recipe for Turkey in a Bag

Secret Turkey Recipe In Brown Paper Bag - I'll never make Thanksgiving turkey any other way! Are you making Kidd’s Famous Brown Bag Turkey over the holidays? We wanna know how it turns out! Also, recipes will go great with your Thanksgiving meal! Don’t forget to come back and post your comments.

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Another benefit of cooking with an oven bag is that clean-up is easy since there’s no messy pan to scrub. From beginning to end, oven bags are a perfect way to enjoy family dinner without the fuss.
Check out our recipe for roasting the perfect oven bag turkey or try getting creative with these easy oven bag meals.

Reynolds Kitchens™ Oven Bags are available in two sizes:

Kidd Kraddick's Brown Bag Turkey Recipe

Our turkeys are chilled for freshness. Prior to bagging our turkeys are chilled in ice (not re-chilled water), in small tanks. Each tank of turkeys receives fresh, clean ice water. Once in a bag we hold our birds in refrigeration as cold as possible without freezing. While the USDA allows turkeys to be label fresh when held as low as 26º F, we chill only to 28º F.Last year was my first time roasting a turkey, so like any novice faced with cooking a giant bird for an army of people, I floundered around quite a bit trying to figure out what to do with it. Should I ? it?? At what temperature, and for how long should I cook it? To stuff, or not to stuff? Finally, I called my mom, whose answer was simple, but, as it turns out, very useful. Use an oven bag! (If you can’t be persuaded to try using one, you can still follow this recipe– see note ).Check out the top-rated recipe for Turkey in a Bag at .

See how to use an oven bag to make a perfectly moist Thanksgiving turkey. The bag does double duty here: it keeps the turkey juicy, and it makes cleanup a snap. Make delicious gravy with the drippings that collect in the bottom of the bag.

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Canadian subscribers, save here: I thought I would show you guys my first time trying to roast a turkey in a Reynolds oven bag. I love tender and moist turkey breast and this method is one way to achieve that. I followed the instructions on the box and cooked the turkey in a preheated oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

12 to 13 pound turkey
2 tsp paprika
2 tsp lemon pepper
2 tsp onion powder
2 to 3 tsp granulated garlic
1 1/2 tbls kosher salt
1 to 2 tsp poultry seasoning
canola oil or butter
1 tbls all purpose flour
1 large oven bag
(here's the link for the bags - )

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