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Formerly known as Dr. G. Raffe, the company's mascot Geoffrey the made his debut during 1957 in print advertisements for Children's Bargain Town. During 1969, when Children's Bargain Town became Toys "R" Us, Dr. G. Raffe was renamed Geoffrey and became the official Toys "R" Us "spokesanimal".

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At its peak, Toys "R" Us was considered a classic example of a , a business that specializes so thoroughly and efficiently in one sector that it pushes out competition from both smaller specialty stores and larger general retailers. Since the rise of mass merchants like , and , however, Toys "R" Us has lost much of its share of the toy market, and fell behind Walmart in toy sales for 1998.

Founded in 1948 as a baby furniture store, Toys“R”Us, Inc

View the Toys"R"Us Black Friday 2016 Ad with Toys"R"Us deals and sales. In 2008, the company introduced stricter product safety standards exceeding federal requirements. Among the new standards was a requirement for materials inside toys to meet a standard of 250 of lead for all products manufactured exclusively for the retailer (compared with the federal standard of 600 ppm.) Toys "R" Us also announced the requirement that baby products be produced without the addition of , which have raised concerns about infant safety. The company has since adjusted its requirements to meet new federal standards enacted with the of 2008.

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Toys "R" Us has reportedly implemented high safety standards, and in 2007 vowed to take an aggressive approach towards holding vendors accountable for meeting those standards. Former Chairman and CEO , testifying before the on toy safety in September 2007, said he supported new legislation strengthening toy-safety standards and outlined new initiatives the retailer had set forth to ensure that its customers receive timely information on recalls (including a new website).

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Get all the toys all the time with the Toys”R”Us Shopping App! Search for the hottest new toys, make purchases from your device, find store hours and directions and so much more right from the palm of your hand! The built-in barcode scanner makes it easy to find information, videos and reviews right from a product's barcode! Plus, toy fans can share their fun-filled excitement, thanks to the convenient links for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, text and email. Download the Toys”R”Us Shopping App now for the ultimate digital shopping experience!Carla Hassan: It seems like a big change, but it's not really -- I've been around kids and parents my entire career, working on brands like Eggo waffles, Cap'n Crunch cereal and Gatorade. I've always believed brands play a pivotal role in educating and entertaining kids and families. And I'm a Toys R Us kid—I grew up with this brand. All of us can reflect back to that day when we walked into one of those huge toy stores for the first time—you can't forget it. Toys R Us and Babies R Us—the experience is one that can't be replicated anywhere, and I look forward to unleashing the magic to our customers again.