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Cash was carried by Jennifer Lopez during the opening act on the internationally televised 28th Annual American Music Awards. Cash weighs only six pounds. Photo courtesy of Donmar Toy and Miniature Poodles

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Hess introduced the collectible miniature series in 1998 to pay tribute to popular Hess holiday Toy Trucks from the past. This marks the first time a three-in-one miniature set has been available, according to Hess.

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black tri tiny toy mini minature australian shepherd aussie puppies teacup 2009 Hess Miniature Space Shuttle Transport:
The 2009 Hess Miniature Space Shuttle transport is based on the very popular 1999 Holiday Toy. The 18-wheeler tractor trailer transport features working head, tail, and accent lights, and its bed also acts as a landing pad. The sleek space shuttle also features working lights and has rolling wheels for a smooth landing!

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2012 Hess Miniature Toy Truck and Airplane:
The 2012 Hess Miniature Toy Truck and Airplane, the 15th in our miniature series, is a scaled down version of the 2002 holiday Toy. The 18 Wheeler tractor trailer has working lights and a flatbed that doubles as a landing pad for a mini biplane with working rotors – – all on our attractive display base.

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Justa Little Aussie, toy mini australian shepherd, miniature teacup aussie for sale TASAA breeders ASDR puppies for sale nationwide shipping quality blue red merle tri blue eyedPlease keep in mind that although parents are 'toy-size', we can have some 'teacup' (8-10" mature) size puppies, some 'toy' (10-12 1/2" mature) and some 'miniature' (12 1/2-13 1/2" mature) puppies in the same litter. We are charting weights to give you the best prediction of your puppy's mature size. We feel the diversity in the gene pool outweighs the benefit of 'tightly' breeding for size. Really closely bred dogs can retain positive traits of a line, such as size, but can also retain negative traits of that line too, such as recessive heart defects, thyroid abnormalities, hip problems and temperament issues. Although it is a common accepted practice, we will risk size variations over health issues. We do not breed close relatives together!
Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds are all either black or red. Black is the domainate gene, red is always the ressive gene. Each parent contributes one copy of the 2 markers that determine the color of the puppy. Since red is the ressive gene the red puppies have 2 copies of the ressive color code. However, as you can see from the chart at the left, if you have one copy of black and one copy of red you could have a red factorded black dog. The red dots indicate that the resulting puppy could carry the red factor or one copy of the red gene.The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures, formerly known as the Kansas City Toy and Miniature Museum, is located on the campus of the in a 38-room Italianate mansion at 52nd and Oak. (Bequeathed to the University in the 1960s, the home was originally designed for physician Herbert Tureman in 1906 by noted architect and completed by 1911.)