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The Littermaid ML980 Mega is one of the more popular entry-level rake operated cat boxes on the market, The unit is not quite as different from most of the other rake operated pet pans, however it’s certainly the highest ranking affordable cat waste box on the market.
The litter pan provides a spacious, high walled, classic design in order to cater to multiple cats big and small.
The high wall design is designed to stop litter from being kicked out of the sandbox, the LitterMaid also comes with a anti-trailing ramp which is meant to stop the common problem with litter trailing.
The LM has the capabilities to house at least 1 week worth of litter before needing to be changed, the unit takes disposable trash containers however the Litter Maid provides reusable alternatives for people not looking to spend more on branded containers.
The LitterMaid LM980 handles odor quite well and is reinforced with carbon filters to knock out offensive cat box odors.

For those people I recommend getting a top-rated litter box that’s designed to accommodate multiple cats.

The second best rated automatic cat litter box, it fully takes care of the scooping. The unit is big and a large investment.VIDEO HOW THE LITTER ROBOT BUBBLE WORKSTOP #3: SCOOPFREE ULTRA

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the best cat litter box Archives - Best Top Rated Product And Services Good news – there are several different methods you can use to dog proof your litter box. We’ll cover all the methods today, and recommend some top rated dog proof litter boxes you can purchase for your home.

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Check out the Top Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Boxes of 2017. Say goodbye to the days of scooping poop! These top-rated automatic litter boxes might cost a bit more than your standard litter box, but after you’ve owned one, you’ll never go back!

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I will be showcasing the best self cleaning litter boxes rated based on my reviews with each unit as well as taking in the consideration of other user reviews from various other websites such as amazon and user based forums, bringing you my top picks of the on the market.This isn’t one of those rickety automatic contraptions you see in discount stores or on late-night infomercials. It’s very expensive, and it only works with special trays that are pre-filled with ScoopFree Crystal Litter (a best rated cat litter for odor control), making it even more expensive to operate. But once you set this baby up and plug it in, it truly is on autopilot. Sensors start a 20-minute timer when your cat uses the box; that’s how long it takes the crystal litter to absorb odors and moisture, and dehydrate feces. At the 20-minute mark (the time can be adjusted), a rake sweeps the litter to push the waste into a secure waste trap, and the box is ready for another use. All you have to do is change the tray every few weeks.It may be easy to imagine a horrifying accident in which your curious cat enters the litter box during its cleaning cycle, but fear not, because the engineers have anticipated this and incorporated solutions into their designs. Many self-cleaning litter boxes have safety mechanisms that are activated when a sensor detects that your cat has entered the box. Once activated, the raking mechanism will stop, and the delay timer will reset, giving your cat an adequate amount of time to leave the litter box.The Catit Jumbo Hooded Litter Pan is our top-rated litter box. This litter box gets top marks in cat-friendliness and owner-friendliness. It’s packed with quality features like a carbon filter for odor control and a swinging door to keep litter inside.