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Buy smart light switches for convenience, safety and to save money. Some light up for easy switching at night, some switch on and off automatically, some are timed and others dim. In most situations you can easily install smart light switches yourself.Photo courtesy of Getty/Artpartner Images

Turn on the times light fixture circuit breaker. Ensure the timed light fixture wall switch is in the “On” position.

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Expect to see 35,000 lights, a timed musical display. This display is even viewable from Union Chapel. Special thanks to Jason Grossnickle.

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Imagine hitting nothing but green lights during the morning commute, sailing under perfectly timed traffic signals. Leviton offers many products that will help lower electrical costs and add convenience to everyday living. By simply replacing standard switches with timer switches will reduces energy consumption and extends bulb life. Better than ever - Leviton Decora® brand Timer Switches offer advanced features, superior accuracy and contemporary aesthetics. Our robust selection provides convenient timed control of lighting and motor loads in homes, offices, schools, hotel rooms and other small commercial applications. Homeowners can set lights to turn on and off for a lived-in look while they are away, or automate control of heat lamps, pool pumps or bathroom fans. Our versatile selection includes fully programmable and preset timers in popular styles and colors. All are backed by Leviton's long history of quality and reliability.

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Attempts are often made to place traffic signals on a coordinated system so that drivers encounter a , a long string of green lights (the technical term is progression). The distinction between coordinated signals and synchronized signals is very important. Synchronized signals all change at the same time and are only used in special instances or in older systems. Coordinated (progressed) systems are controlled from a master controller and are set up so lights "cascade" (progress) in sequence so platoons of vehicles can proceed through a continuous series of green lights. A graphical representation of phase state on a two-axis plane of distance versus time clearly shows a "green band" that has been established based on signalized intersection spacing and expected vehicle speeds. In some countries (e.g. , and the ), this "green band" system is used to limit speeds in certain areas. Lights are timed in such a way that motorists can drive through without stopping if their speed is lower than a given limit, mostly 50 km/h (30 mph) in urban areas. This system is known as "grüne Welle" in German, "vague verte" in French, or "groene golf" in Dutch (English: ""). Such systems were commonly used in urban areas of the United States from the 1940s, but are less common today. In the UK, in had part of the experimented on with this. Many US cities set the green wave on two-way streets to operate in the direction more heavily traveled, rather than trying to progress traffic in both directions. But the recent introduction of the flashing yellow arrow (see ) makes the lead-lag signal, an aid to progression, available with protected/permissive turns.

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