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Everyone has taken that trip over the rainbow and fallen in love with Dorothy Gale and the Wizard of Oz. The world has embraced the Kansas farm girl since she was picked up by a tornado and thrown into the Land of Oz with a variety of character adaptations and movie memorabilia, including costumes. From Halloween to stage productions, theme parties and playtime, Dorothy costumes have been a popular choice and are great for all dress-up events.

DIY Glinda the Good Witch Wizard of Oz Halloween costume that requires little to no sewing.

Okay, I seriously have a soft spot for Halloween costumes that are themed and today is no different. On day 25 we are talking about the Wizard of Oz Halloween costumes. This tutorial is focused on the Tin Man and Glinda, the good witch.

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DIY Halloween costumes from my past - Dorothy, Glinda, & the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz Wizard of Oz Halloween Costumes for Toddlers are a great way to let your little ones be their favorite Wizard of Oz characters. It can even take some of the scary out of the flying monkeys.

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These Wizard of Oz Halloween costumes are detailed and great fun for Halloween and other events. You'll find Wizard of Oz costumes for kids and adults here.

Wizard of Oz "Glinda" The Good Witch Deluxe Child Halloween Costume

The Wizard of Oz Dorothy Child Costume comes with a dress that mimics Dorothy's gingham but with lots of sequins and lace at the bottom. For full review and shopping info ►

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Kids can dress up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz with a complete line of costumes and accessories from Rubie's. Each item is sold separately.

The Wizard of Oz Dorothy Child Costume comes with a dress that mimics Dorothy's gingham but with lots of sequins and lace at the bottom. It also includes blue hair bows. The dress is available in four sizes: toddler, small, medium, and large.

To complete the look, add the Deluxe Dorothy Ruby Slippers. This is a pair of glittery red flats with shiny red bows. The shoes are available in four sizes: X-Small (1-2), Small (3-4), Medium (5-7), and Large (8-9).

Kids can also carry The Wizard of Oz Deluxe Toto in a Basket, which comes with a stuffed Toto dog inside a picnic basket with handle. The dog can be removed from the basket.

More Halloween costume ideas ► To create a Halloween costume like the outfit worn by Jack Haley would be very expensive and difficult to move in, so designers used their creativity to make a close representation. For men, this consisted of a full body silver suit, that with some slight modifications could also be used for a spaceman costume. The funnel hat, ax and sometimes heart let people know this is the Tin Woodman of Oz. The female Tin Woman had the largest variety of costume designs for characters in the Wizard of Oz. The silver color is kept, but the design teams took a lot of liberties with everything else. Instead of pants, knee high and thigh high boots were the preference to cover the lower half of the body. The mini skirts and dresses sure are not doing the job. While Tin Man costumes are baggy, Tin Woman costumes are form fitting. The bosom in all the costumes is cut low enough that there is no question where the heart should go. The classic funnel hat looks nothing like the movie. There was an attempt to make them look more feminine. While sometimes this was done with a ribbon, other times it looks more like a dunce cap.