Whisper Filter Parts Bio Scrubber for Whisper EX20 | Tetra Aquarium

With a plethora of choices for filtration and pond water treatment equipment, Tetra is one of the better known product lines in the field of Pond Filters. Here, Tetra Replacement Parts can be found to extend the life and effectiveness of these products.

Note: with the exception of UV Bulbs and Quartz Sleeves replacement parts for the Tetra filters are not available

Fits all Tetra Pressure filters - New and old styles. This kit does not fit the PFL1500 sold at the big box stores. Individual parts are not available from Tetra.

Whisper Filter Parts Bio-Foam for Whisper 30, 40, 60 | Tetra Aquarium

Note: with the exception of UV Bulbs and Quartz Sleeves replacement parts for the Tetra filters are not available I have two of the 60s now and ordered another one for extra filtration since I like it.. after Installing I just happen to notice that it was leaking...UUUGGGHHH so I took it apart and figured it must be the seal I was disappointed to say the least. So the next day I called Tetra and the super nice customer rep replaced it with new one and I shocked that I got it in four days at Christmas time!!! I installed it and it leaked even WORSE. I looked at the filter and saw a CRACK where the motor goes. I am guessing that the motor pushes against the box during shipping and cracked them BOTH.. I was disappointed AGAIN. I emailed them this time and it took a week for a reply but they finally did. Wanted me to mail them BOTH BACK.. By the time I pay postage I might as well keep them for parts. I still might order ONE more to SEE if it has the same problem because these really are great filters..Just wish they packaged them so that the motor wasn't cracking the filter box...... If I get another and it is cracked I will be calling TFP and tell them I want just the BOX!!!!!

Whisper Filter Parts Impeller for Whisper 10i | Tetra Aquarium

TetraPond Pressure Filters are like many others in the market in that certain parts are very hard to find. These hard to find parts often render the filter inoperable. TetraPond strives to exceed customer expectations and therefore has brought a kit to market that's comprised of many common parts that many dealers do not stock and will render the filter inoperable if not used. Each TetraPond Pressure Pond Filter Spare Part Kit includes the following parts:

Whisper Filter Parts Bio-Foam for Whisper 20i, 40i | Tetra Aquarium