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I recently adopted a cat (approximately 7 days ago). She is a 10 week old Snowshoe Siamese named Violet. Before I adopted her, she was given a dry cat food diet of Science Diet Kitten and Purina Kitten. Well, I come from a background of eating healthy and my animals eating healthy. I have slowly begun to switch her to a grain-free, high protein diet. I have been mixing her Purina kitten food with a brand called Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain. I have also slowly begun to introduce wet food. The brand of wet food I buy is called B.F.F. I also buy the kind with pumpkin because I was told this would help her adjust and soothe any runny stools. However, my kitten has been having diarrhea since Wednesday. I took her to the vet on Thursday. The vet said she was very healthy but may have picked up a sinus infection from the shelter. I don’t believe the infection would cause diarrhea, so the vet and I are assuming it is the food. I should mention that she was forcibly spayed by the shelter last Friday (I would have preferred to have waited until she was at least four months).

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They were on Royal Canin kitten 36 - from the breeder - and I continued on ... until 2 weeks ago, I transitioned them to Taste of the Wild. That hasn't helped either. I ordered some Blue Buffalo Kitten chicken and rice that I may start mixing with the TOTW. I don't really know. I feel like changing their food around like this will make things worse.

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Puppy Food; Dog Food; Kitten Food; Cat Food; Naturals™; Taste of the Wild .. I have a one-yr old cat that started having seizures when he was 9 months. We aren’t sure what is causing them but he was very sick as a kitten. We fostered his litter from 4 mos and he had Herpes, conjunctivitis, and an upper respiratory infection. Plus he’s blind in one eye from a ruptured cornea. He is now on Leviteractium (Keppra) and Potassium Bromide every day and he still has frequent seizures. 1) Are there any negative side-effects to the diet? 2)How do you “switch” them without upsetting their stomach? 3) Was your vet supportive of the change? I was all ready to order Taste of the Wild until I read the last review.

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Taste of the Wild has returned our home to normal. Our new kitten filled our home with the most horrendous stench during certain visits to her litter box. Changes in her litter and food did not help. Online research led us to the conclusion that she had a corn allergy. However, she was reluctant to eat grain-free products until we brought home Taste of the Wild dry food. Today, she is eating well and we can breathe more easily, literally.

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