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T Bonz is a newcomer to the Cabo San Lucas restaurant scene and has been open only for a few weeks. We are long time locals that like to try new places a few weeks after they open. We had heard that it had good food but we were surprised on how good it was. The restaurant is small seating...

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Thank you for choosing TBonz! We are glad you enjoyed the service & nachos while dining with us! We look forward to serving you again soon!Cheers!Liza

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Want to learn more? Check out these articles written by our staff featuring TBonz Gill & Grill: Why has TBonz been a proven favorite for more than two generations? Aside from committing to really good food, the restaurant believes in community awareness and participation. These values are paramount to Tbonz operating as a responsible and successful business member of the community.

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Tbonz is active with local charities, schools, and participates in many local events. The restaurant has had a long history of recycling and takes pride in their effort to be green. By putting into action its strong belief that giving back allows Augusta to remain strong and vibrant, the company assists in the expansion and growth of the community. TBonz is proud to be a contributing member of this fine city.

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There are 5 TBonz locations throughout the south with 2 of them being along the Grand Strand. There is one in North Myrtle Beach and this one Myrtle with this location being more centrally located. Since they have slighly different Happy Hours I figured they each deserve their own reviews. While I prefer the NMB location, this TBonz is no slouch as the variety of deals is still all there making for a very good Happy Hour. The bar area is fairly large and I have always had good service when I went. TBonz Gill & Grill is one of the better options for Happy Hour in Myrtle Beach as there are not many other places that can top it in its overall quality and selection.For more than two decades, as the original Homegrown Hospitality Group concept, TBonz Gill & Grill has provided the community with a relaxed dining atmosphere, seasonally fresh cuisine and excellence in service.TBonz Gill & Grill is a nice restaurant that has two locations with one being in Myrtle Beach and the other being tucked inside of Barefoot Landing, but they have variations of the Happy Hours. TBonz seems to be having a rotating Happy Hour, as it keeps switching up their Happy Hour food menu and hours as it changes from the offseason to the busy season. TBonz does offer the New South drafts that you can find at places like Liberty and Flying Fish. The Barefoot Landing location does have some more selections on draft if you are not a fan of those craft beers. The Barefoot TBonz also has more shot specials as it can get a younger crowd at times, but there is still a bunch of other Happy Hour choices to choose from. If I had to choose between the two loactions, I would go with the Barefoot TBonz mainly because it has a bit more variety and a better bar area."Good food. Good service"
Reviewed 8/15/16
Although it is just slightly pricy. It was a good meal with very friendly service. We enjoyed our steaks and sitting outside watching people shopping at Barefoot. Very relaxing. Would definitely recommend their steaks. Very fresh. This was our second time at T Bonz and in a few years and I would have to say yes to going!