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None of my syrians ever burrowed much either even with deep bedding. But this study is interesting. It's sad that they had to euthanize them after but I suppose this study can and will help other hamsters in turn. They mentioned that perhaps 80cm was too deep with the risk of the hamster becoming obese or overweight. So a fair depth could be said to be about 40 or so centimeters or 15ish inches. It would be really great to see how they construct their burrows too.

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So I use a thin, aspen bedding for my longhaired Syrian hamster, Lois and I've learned that it gets tangled up in this skirt after he pees. Should I trim the skirt? Will it hurt him? I'm aware that there's a chance it won't grow back. I want to switch to a paper-based bedding with better odor control, but I need to finish the aspen I have left first. What is your opinion on trimming the skirt? Should I?

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Syrian hamster bedding question - posted in Supplies & Accessories: So I'm getting a Syrian hamster.. Keep your Syrian hamster in a wire cage with a solid floor or a habitat with tunnels. Dwarf hamsters can be kept in a cage made for mice. The enclosure should be placed away from direct sunlight and drafts. Line the bottom of the cage with or for added absorbency and odor control. Do not use cedar chips, as aromatic oils in cedar bedding have been shown to have adverse health effects on small pets.

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HIBERNATION: Although hibernation is not an illness, animals in hibernation are frequently mistaken for ill hamsters. Syrians are more prone to hibernation if there is a sudden drop in the temperature, which will trigger reduced pulse and respiratory rate that results in a lifeless body that appears to be dead; however, close observation will reveal that the whiskers are generally still moving. Move the hamster to a warmer room and let it arouse slowly on its own accord. Or, hold it until it starts to revive. If it is not aroused it could die of starvation or dehydration. Sometimes it will shake just before totally coming out of hibernation. Hamsters should be kept in rooms or buildings with even temperatures and have a good supply of bedding to prevent hibernation.

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