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Sleep enjoyment is perfect when the bed is pleasing to the eye as well as to the body. The finishing touch for these superior beds comes from the fabrics from the Annala textile factory at Lapua, combining centuries of crafting traditions with modern technology. You can select the bed fabric from among hundreds of different options. For creating designs, it is also possible to use a photograph provided by the customer.

- Use beds you make from Carpenters Table as Superior Beds, so you don't have to spend $800 :p

The newly-renovated 300 square foot Superior Double rooms feature two double beds, a desk, and hardwood floors. Designed by Yabu Pushelberg, the palette is simple and offers guests a play between Spanish-inspired patterns, subtle textures, beautiful leathers, and soft grey tones with persimmon red accents.

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Buying a bed or mattress in Switzerland has never been easier with SuperiorBeds Switzerland. While these initiatives are costly, executives at the major chains are encouraged by the fact that guests seem to be willing to pay more for a room with a better bed. In Westin's case, research showed that its guests would pay between $12 and $20 more per night. Marriott expects to be able to charge up to $30 more a night in its Marriott line of hotels, since customers perceive the overall quality of the room to be higher with a more luxurious bed. And the push to project an improved bed image is filtering to lower-priced hotels, too. Marriott's research has shown that for guests at these properties, superior beds are enough to keep guests loyal, says Marsha Scarbrough, Marriott's vice president of brand product strategy. The new standard for its Residence Inn, Courtyard, and Fairfield Inn brands (among others) is now a nine-inch-thick mattress, up from a previous four inches in some cases. Residence Inns will now get triple sheeting. "Travelers want to sleep on a bed that's at least as nice as the bed they have at home," says the AHLA's McInerney. "Now, there's no reason why they can't."

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With the bed wars in full swing, a host of new programs to personalize beds is under way. W Hotels now have a twilight service ; housekeepers deliver a lavender-filled pillow insert, an eye pillow, and lavender essential oil to guests' rooms each evening around nine o'clock. Crowne Plaza's new Sleep Advantage program stocks rooms with curtain clips (to block out light), earplugs, and sleep CD's that play soothing music. Kimpton has put super-sized 96-inch-long mattresses in some rooms for tall guests. Loews' recovery concierge delivers white-noise machines and eye masks. Rumor has it that some hotels are even getting ready to launch special duvet menus, as well as beds that guests can lower or raise to different heights.

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I am unsure if prisoners actually use the cell, but I you are able to use the beds you make from the carpenters table as the Superior Beds. I am unsure how to make it so you have to make it, and you can't buy it, but hey, Next alpha should be better for the modding system.

"Carpentry Apprenticeship Program" - I've produced a ton of Superior Beds, but the grant requires you to have 10 on-site. They either stay on the carpentry table, preventing it from being used to create more beds, or if you have an export zone, they get moved there and exported, no longer counting towards the 10.
The problem is that the bed has no use currently. Once you can place them in cells this one will be simple to get.