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For those who have dogs over 40Lbs, go with the The Super Skamper~Ramp. This products can hold pets up to 200 lbs (100 kgs!)--and is perfect for any size animal even with frequent use.

Can the Super Skamper-Ramp be left in the water during the winter months?

This is designed to help by allowing them to get out of the water by themselves. The new Super Skamper-Ramp is a much stronger, higher quality version of the original Skamper-Ramp and provides a safe, less stressful way for any size pet to exit a pool or to get back on most docks and some boats.

Skamper Ramp Super Water Escape Pet Ramp | dog ..

When the Super Skamper-Ramp is assembled it is 13 inches wide by 40" long. We suggest that the original ramp is a good fit for animals up to 45 lbs. We suggest the Super Skamper Ramp for larger animals, for floating docks or houseboats, or with boat swim platforms.

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Vinyl Liner Pools
All Skamper-Ramp models are designed to keep an animal's claws from slashing the plastic walls of vinyl liner pools as they attempt escape, however the Super Skamper-Ramp is probably the best solution because of its smooth construction . Each corner radius is designed to protect--not puncture--the vinyl liner.

While we haven't had anyone report a problem, we understand and respect the fear of replacing a liner. In order to minimize rub, we suggest doubling the vinyl wall layer in the area where the ramp will be installed.

Item: # P4782 Super Skamper Ramp - dogs up to 200 lbs