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Greetings Glider Groupies, Glider Newbies and Glider Wanna-bes! Welcome to the November 2010 edition of the GliderVet News.

This month, we’ll talk about items you might normally throw away that makegreat (and free!) sugar glider toys. Our favorite gliderjournalist will be answering a couple of questions in his Dear Arnold column. And last but not least,we're excited to have reached a wonderful milestone with our free Glider Exchangeservice, so be sure to read on for details.

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Welcome to GliderVet, your resource for safety first, expert advice on our sugar glider friends! Whether you are a veterinarian, a sugar glider veteran, or a sugar glider owner wanna-be, you need to read GliderVet! Below is more information on the free monthly newsletter and subscription details.

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Free Sugar Gliders | BABY SUGAR GLIDER FOR SALE ADOPTION from Johor Johor Bahru @ Adpost ... Gliders are very social animals and require human interaction. Plan on spending a minimum of a few hours per day with your gliders. This includes bonding and play time. Are they good pets for children-

No, sugar gliders are not an ideal pet for young children. Sugar gliders move quickly and can easily be injured or lost if it is dropped by a child. Sugar gliders, even well-bonded and friendly gliders, will bite. Being nocturnal, they will be asleep during the day making them a boring pet for kids.
Are they good with my other pets-
Sugar gliders can coexist in the same household with other pets. It is NOT recommended to allow them to interact together. Allowing your sugar glider to "play" with other pets can be fatal for your sugar glider. Accidents can happen in an instant due to the prey instinct of cats and dogs.
Sugar gliders need to live in a stress-free, healthy environment. Since they are nocturnal and sleep during the day, they need a relatively quiet area. Normal household noises are acceptable. There should be no toxins or chemicals in their environment. Avoid aerosol sprays and insecticides near their cage and play areas. Sugar gliders need a temperature controlled environment. Do not place cages in direct drafts, such as close to windows, doors, or HVAC vents. Ambient temperatures should not be below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
Sugar gliders require specialized diets with a calcium to phosphorus ratio of 2:1. Fresh fruits and vegetables, along with a protein source, calcium supplement, and insects make up their diet. There are various recommended diets, which are prepared at home. Most of the ingredients can be purchased locally at a grocery store and pet store. Some diets require ingredients that must be purchased on-line. Do your own research, talk with your breeder and veterinarian about the various diets, and decide which is best for you and your gliders. A listing of diets can be found on .
Cage -
Sugar gliders require a very large cage in relation to their size. The smallest cage for a pair of gliders would be 18x30x36 inches. Larger cages are generally better. Some gliders prefer taller cages, and some prefer wider, find a cage that fits in your budget and your home that will allow your glider(s) plenty of space to run. Cages can not have bar spacing any larger than one-half inch; anything larger and the glider can squeeze through the bars and escape. Gliders need cages large enough to provide an enriching atmosphere while still allowing room to run and jump. Allow them enough interactive toys to keep their minds working, but over-stuffing a cage with toys is not recommended.

Free Sugar Gliders | White sugar glider desktop wallpaper

To finish the sugar glider care planning, always keep the gliders free outside or within the house. Strict guidance should be added to avoid any accidents. This pet also loves to chew whatever chewable. Also, do not ignore that the glider is nocturnal; prevent direct sunshine that can harm its eyes.

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