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The sock monkey's most direct predecessors originated in the , when the craze for imitation stuffed animals swept from Europe into North America and met the burgeoning . Craft makers began sewing stuffed animals as toys to comfort children, and, as tales of the increased the public's familiarity with exotic species, monkey toys soon became a fixture of American nurseries. Tales like and inspired crafters to create toys that depicted exotic animals, however these early stuffed monkeys were not necessarily made from socks, and also lacked the characteristic red lips of the sock monkeys popular today.

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Vintage 1955 J Fred Muggs stuffed toy doll Ideal NBC Today Show Chimp Monkey Textiles commonly used include plain and textiles like or . Common stuffing materials are , , straw, , plastic pellets or beans. Stuffed toys are made in many different forms, often resembling animals, , or inanimate objects. They are often used as , for display or collecting and given as gifts, such as for graduation, or birthdays.

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Fundación Ecologica Santa Fe, a non-profit, private institution, runs a program to return back to their natural habitat Colombian monkeys that had been confiscated by people involved in illegal wildlife trafficking. To raise funds for their efforts and to give people much needed employment, Fundación Ecologica Santa Fe produces these plush monkey toys.

Colombia is home to 10% of the planet's biodiversity, but habitat destruction from agricultural expansion and the cultivation of coca plants threatens the survival of many species. This project helps rehabilitate monkeys and preserve the land, it gives viable economic alternatives to illegal wildlife trade and coca production.

Previously, One World Projects would not import plush toys because of the lack of renewable materials used, and often the workers are not properly paid. But cute stuffed monkeys support both environmental and social causes!

In the Colombian countryside, poverty and the displacement of peasants due to civil war has increased illegal wildlife poaching activities.

Economic alternatives based on the sustainable use of natural resources, accompanied with environmental education programs, are required to make Fundación Ecologica Santa Fe's conservation programs successful.

One World Projects works with Fundación Ecologica Santa Fe in the 10,000-person community of Pintada, to produce plush toys representing the monkey species that the organization hopes to reintroduce to the wild.

Located near the Pan American Highway, Pintada has become a rest stop for truck drivers, who have left behind a disproportionate number of children without fathers. Crafting these items gives single moms a much needed source of income, and gives their children hope for a better future.

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