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Ceramic air stones can get clogged with oils from our hands and body. Never touch the "stone" with your fingers. When I clean mine I use a piece of saran wrap, a glove or a ziploc bac to hold the porous end.

Stone Brewing at Terminal 2 of the San Diego International Airport offers a wide variety of craft beers, wine and craft cocktails.

William Sebastian Stone (January 6, 1910 – December 2, 1968) was an and the third of the . His final assignment was as the air deputy to the .

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can any one help with reducing the amount of air that comes out from an air stone with out damaging the air pumps diaphragm? The effect of air pollution on stone decay has been a subject in the field of stone deterioration for a long time (Kaiser ; Grün ; Kieslinger ; Winkler ; Luckat , ; and listed in Charola and Ware ). It is generally accepted that the main pollution-related deterioration processes are gypsum formation and carbonate dissolution (Sabbioni ). Most debated is the crust weathering of limestone as a result of the transformation of calcium carbonate into calcium sulfate due to the impact of air pollutant concentration in the atmosphere and the deposition of anthropogenic sulfur (Henley ; Sabbioni ). Although SO2 concentrations have decreased over the last decades degradation in connection with weathering crusts is still observed. Acid rain, as a result of the contamination of rain water with sulfur, nitrogen oxides and carbon oxides, affects stone material and corrodes rock-forming minerals (Martinez and Martinez ). Pollution has changed into a complex multi pollutant situation with increasing particulate matter, enhancing the acidic impact in terms of dust deposition (Wolff ; Charola and Ware ; Brimblecombe ). The weathering crusts mainly consist of newly formed minerals, e.g., gypsum, with atmospheric particles embedded within. These can be grouped as porous carbonaceous particles (soot), smooth aluminosilicate particles, and metal particles mainly composed of iron (Del Monte et al. ; Esbert et al. ; Derbez and Lefèvre ). These atmospheric particles derive from different sources; fuel oil combustion of domestic heating and power plants, coal combustion, and gas oil emission (Sabbioni ). Vehicle exhaust (Rodriguez-Navarro and Sebastian ) and biomass combustion (Ausset et al. ) were also identified as sources.

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Aqua Stone is a clay humidifier sold by Telebrands that claims to be an all-natural way to moisturize the air in any room of your house. They promise it uses no electricity or batteries; just fill the basin with water and they state it will absorb and disperse it automatically.

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