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How To Potty Train Your Puppy in 8 Easy Steps: Puppies often look guilty when owners act unhappy--even though they don't know what they've done wrong.

Whichever way you choose to go, here are 5 Steps to Potty Train a Puppy in an apartment:

How To Potty Train Your Puppy in 8 Easy Steps: Puppies often look guilty when owners act unhappy--even though they don& know what they& done wrong.

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Make life easy for you and for your puppy with 3 easy steps to a perfectly potty trained puppy. This is it, all you need to do, just three steps repeated over a few days and your puppy will be getting it.1. The first step is to take him outside as often as possible, every hour at first, then gradually less frequently. Then wait with him while he sniffs around the yard, otherwise he will just want to follow you back in. The area where he potties, the first time, is the one to keep taking him back to. A definite area will remind him and the smell of the previous time will stimulate his brain to go again.2. Secondly, remember you are a cheerleader in this situation. When your puppy pees or poops outside make a big fuss: hugs, kisses and treats. Before you go back inside give him a training treat, a toy, play fetch if that’s what you pup is into, anything to make him feel like he has done something great. And remember -If he has an accident inside simply clean it up and do not offer him any kind of interaction. Your puppy will soon start to wait until you go outside together. After all it’s far more rewarding when he does.3. Employ a crate. We will talk in detail about crate training later but for now it is important for you to know that the crate is a great potty training tool, The crate is simply an extension of your puppy’s comfy bed. It is a nice place for him to be, with the added bonus of preventing accidents when he is left alone. This is because, by nature, the dog will rarely soil his sleeping area.

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i live in Cleveland. We took home our new puppy two weeks ago, with two feet of snow on the ground. Our puppy is now 8 weeks old. The snow has melted and our puppy is used to peeing on pee pee pads that i bought and thought i was being smart by saving my carpet. He actually is very good at searching one out to pee on. I have 5 differnt pads scattered throughtout the house. My concern is that, now that the snow is gone i need to start potty training NOW. Our house is set up with the back sliding glass door onto the deck and then a set of stairs to the fenced back yard. The front door is down two steps and then a winding front walk to the front yard. My question is when do you think i can expect my puppy to be able to go down the steps to relieve himself and/or make it, after a nap, all the way through the house, out the front door and down the walkway to the grass. I realize both of my exits pose a challenge to any dog, let alone an 8 week old. Other pertinent facts; I work full time. He is used to peeing on the pee pee pads already. He is afraid of outside, we have started to take him out for little bits on a leash. He hates it and fights it and has yet to relevie himself at all outside. His area is the laundry room, not a kennel. He still pees 20 times a day or more, very litte bits. How do i get him to hold it longer than 1/2 hour or hour at a time. Is there a magic way to get him to go outside or am i one of the people that it will take extra time to get him to do the right thing. It almost seems that he is too little to figure it out. He is Vsla dog. Looks like a lab. Very smart, but obviously not as smart as me. HElP!

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