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The shipping companies that we must use due the size of the cover, typically drive tractor trailers and to a lesser extent 26 foot straight trucks. They also typically run normal delivery routes through commercial areas and do not call before delivery. Why? Because they are set up to deliver to businesses. They do offer delivery to residences and home-based businesses, but they typically charge more. Recent changes by the freight carriers have also lumped schools and churches into residential deliveries. Deliveries to these locations will be treated as residential. America's SPA-MART has been able to procure a waiver on residential delivery surcharges and that is why we can offer free home delivery. However, our covers cannot be shipped to a school or church without additional charge.

America's SPA-MART is a sister company to Sonshine Covers Inc., a pioneer in the spa and hot tub industry

Curated products and supplies, superb quality and vast selection, fast shipping, impeccable customer service, and the willingness to serve—these are our commitments to you from The Spa MartTM.

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Sales Terms and Conditions - America's SPA-MART America's SPA-MART is a sister company to Sonshine Covers Inc., a pioneer in the spa and hot tub industry. Since 1983, we have been been known for our quality and innovation for things such as introducing reflective bottom material to the spa cover market. Our ownership and management team has an average of 25 years experience in the field.

bound by the Sales Terms and Conditions found on this page.

On May 4, 2017, we opened our doors to spa professionals from Texas and beyond. We were so excited to unveil what The Spa Mart team has been working on for months. Spa professionals and vendor partners were invited to celebrate with us as we officially launched our company. We were so grateful that our spa community showed up to support us in a big way and we are so very thankful.

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Spa-Mart is a spa shop for the experts. This is where all of those luxury spa products come from. If you run a spa then there’s a good chance you already shop here, if you don’t shop here, then you probably should. Spa-Mart is for commercial businesses and not individuals, but their products are designed with every customer in mind.This spa cover configuration system is the sole property and intellectual material of America's SPA-MART. America's SPA-MART grants any user interested in purchasing a spa cover from America's SPA-MART, the right to use the system in a non-malicious manner. America's SPA-MART does not grant permission to use the spa cover configuration system to non-customers and/or individuals not interested in purchasing our products. Expressed written consent from America's SPA-MART is required for system use by non-customers. For commercial usage licenses of our spa cover configurator, please contact our office at 800/823-3618.