The rubber balls are soft and durable

Bright colored, 4 inch diameter soft rubber balls with tactile markings help teach letters and shapes to eager learners. The letters ball shows all uppercase letters, while the shapes ball has stars, circles, hexagons, triangles, and other shapes. Each letter and shape can be felt tactually.

Required: 3 to 5 Fun Gripper Volleyballs or soft rubber ballsPlayers: Small to large groups

The flexibility of rubber is appealing in hoses, tires and rollers for devices ranging from domestic clothes wringers to printing presses; its elasticity makes it suitable for various kinds of shock absorbers and for specialized machinery mountings designed to reduce vibration. Its relative gas impermeability makes it useful in the manufacture of articles such as air hoses, balloons, balls and cushions. The resistance of rubber to water and to the action of most fluid chemicals has led to its use in rainwear, diving gear, and chemical and medicinal tubing, and as a lining for storage tanks, processing equipment and railroad tank cars. Because of their electrical resistance, soft rubber goods are used as insulation and for protective gloves, shoes and blankets; hard rubber is used for articles such as telephone housings, parts for radio sets, meters and other electrical instruments. The coefficient of friction of rubber, which is high on dry surfaces and low on wet surfaces, leads to its use for power-transmission belting and for water-lubricated bearings in deep-well pumps. Indian rubber balls or balls are made of rubber.

Ball Pond Filled With Colorful, Soft Rubber Balls

24pcs/lot New funny light up toys soft rubber glowing bouncy balls mix color flash luminous smile maomao ball for party supplies Rubber balls are soft, so they decelerate relatively slowly and they deform and spread out as they hit the wall. This means that the pressure they exert on the wall while they are bouncing is relatively low. By contrast an iron ball is very hard so it stops very suddenly and all the force it exerts on the wall is concentrated on a small area. That means the pressure is high enough to damage the wall. It might cause a visible dent, or it might just cause cracks within the wall that you can't see. In both cases energy is used in damaging the wall, and this energy comes from the motion of the ball. That means little energy is left for the iron ball to bounce back.

Multiplying Billiard Balls (Soft Rubber) White - 50mm

Yoga Massage Balls x2 | Hurts So Good! by YOGABODY™ | Natural Rubber Creates Human-Like Deep Tissue Massage Experience on Soft Tissues

Multiplying Billiard Balls (Soft Rubber) Red- 41mm

Colorful balls in playground. Soft and flexible many balls for childs play in playground. Good and funny for kids. Nice to exercise activities. Ball pond filled with colorful, soft rubber balls. Toy rubber balls background. Balls for children in the children garden. colored balls background. Ball pond filled with colorful, soft rubber balls,in the children's playground. peoples and Nations of the world.Squeezing a rubber ball can help strengthen weak muscles on the inside and sides of your wrist. Start with a soft stress ball and squeeze it 10 times, holding the squeeze for five seconds each time. Work up to three sets, then use progressively firmer balls, ending with a racquetball or a rubber ball of similar firmness. Skip the exercise for at least two days if you experience pain or swelling in your wrist, then go back to the softest ball to resume squeezing after asking your doctor to approve the return to exercise.