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The video shows two snakes in the enclosure where the puppy was placed and none of the snakes seemed interested in the poor dog. The people in the room then push the puppy toward the larger snake and flinches when the snake moves. Then someone taps on the glass. Then the video ends with the dog still alive.

DIY Snake cage/enclosure design. Love the lights and ventilation vents. Very well done

Although wild Western hognoses inhabit regions of sandy, loose soils, it is not recommended that sand be used in their enclosures due to the threat of impaction. Some keepers prefer to feed their snakes in a separate enclosure or receptacle to prevent their possibly ingesting substrate.

Custom snake enclosure someone built for a red tail boa.

THIS is the ultimate in Snake enclosures and I'd love something similar for our future pet. Many snakes and lizards, and some chelonians, are burrows, spending some or all of their time covered by a few inches or more of substrate. Some, like sand boas, are rarely seen above ground; others, like some skinks, burrow away to sleep and digest. Enclosures for fossorial reptiles need to be strong enough to safely hold several inches of burrowable substrate over a drainage layer. They must also be tall enough to make it difficult if not impossible for the inhabitant to climb up-and out-of the enclosure. The same width and depth furnished to terrestrial reptiles must also be provided.

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Most of my other enclosures have been, in regard to mimicking nature, somewhere in between my sparse snapper tank and the vivarium described above, probably leaning a bit more toward the less-than-fancy. My snake cages were always very basic, with newspaper or carpeting in the bottom, a water bowl and a hide box. Sometimes I would include a thick branch for them to crawl upon. Snakes tend to trash their enclosures, especially if they’re set up with fragile items, such as plants and whatnot.

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How to make a PVC snake enclosure - Step by step on how to build a PVC cage just as good as a professional Animal Plastics or Boaphile enclosure.

Here are the plans I used for making a 4'x2' enclosure. Keep in mind this is customizable and you can change the sizes accordingly.

Make sure to watch part two on building the enclosure on heating, lighting, and other building details! Refinishing a coffee table to hold a snake or reptile. This looks like a lot of work, but totally worth having such a nice piece of furniture enclosure.