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Packed with important life lessons on resilience, persistence and perseverance, Super Snail Sale, is certain to become a classic early reader for children aged four to eight.

I don’t have a real count on these guys, so just check for updates under the #snailsale tag!!!

11. Set up a website and offer snails for sale to both breeders and other snail farmers and restaurants. Make up a brochure, business cards and other promotional items to give out to those who may be interested.

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Slobadan is a spunky snail who works as a super-salesperson for The Ding Dong Doorbell Company. Hobbyists can find Malaysian Trumpet Snails for sale in many pet stores these days. Malaysian Trumpet Snails eat almost continuously. They are good scavengers and tank cleaners thanks to their great appetites.

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I'm thinking about just putting up a Snails for Sale sign in my LFS so that the snails are cared for properly until they get a new home and that way people can just email or call me and I can take them a snail or have them pick it up. All the canas at my LFS look like crap because they keep them with little angelfish that nip the hell out of them. I want to train my baby snails to wield tiny knives with their tentacles and shank any fish that try to mess with them.

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The Giant African Land Snail, , is an exotic species that is known to be a very serious pest world wide. It has not become established in Michigan but has been found in school rooms and homes as a pet. It is not lawful to own a live snail of this species!. In recent years the US Department of Agriculture has been confiscating these animals. If they were to become established, they could have very serious economic impact on Michigan's agriculture. If you have one of these snails, please kill it by boiling it or freezing it for several days. You may dispose of the animal by bringing it to the MSU Snail Lab on campus in East Lansing or giving it to your local extension agent and asking the agent to transmit it to us. If you find one for sale in a pet store or a school supply company, please let us know and we'll pass the information on to the USDA. will be closed for a short vacation, but there is a sale going on right now until april 5th! use the coupon code VACATE16 to get 20% off all in-stock snails