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The spirited and loyal Yorkshire Terrier is a recognized member of the American Kennel Club’s and has been since 1885. Being originally bred in Yorkshire, its name is indicative of its British origins. The original use for the Yorkshire Terrier was to control rodent population as a “ratter”. Although because of its petite size it is still effective at this role, it has become more of a companion dog to most people. The Yorkshire Terrier is a breed of medium intelligence, and should be relatively easy to train. Being a small breed, housebreaking them is somewhat tricky in the early stages. They are small, therefore have a small bladder, and will need to be taken out often to avoid accidents. The Yorkie can be a mouthy breed, so early training to curb this is a key. The Yorkie is currently the most popular toy breed in the United States.

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o-called "teacup" Yorkshire terriers don't fit the American Kennel Club breed standard for this toy dog. The AKC standard specifies that Yorkshire terriers must weigh at least 4 pounds in adulthood, while fully grown teacup Yorkies usually weight less. Generally, the smaller the breed, the fewer puppies born in each litter. Because of the health problems inherent in teacup Yorkies, breeding them is a bad idea.

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Some Yorkshire Terriers, and particularly the smallest of the breed, are more biddable and are truly homely little dogs. Due to their tiny stature, with Teacup Yorkshire puppies. Their small size makes them unable to store as much fat or eat as much food as a dog that is ten pounds or more. Depending on individual needs, you will need to feed your Teacup Yorkshire Terrier puppy a small amount once every two to four hours. This also means that potty breaks will be more frequent.

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Like most tiny pups, the Teacup Yorkie puppy doesn’t seem to realize he is only a whopping two pounds. Teacup Yorkies aren’t their own breed; in fact, the AKC doesn’t recognize the Teacup Yorkie at all. Teacup Yorkshire Terriers are actually plain ole Yorkshire Terriers that are really, really small. They are inquisitive, a bit stubborn, and enjoy exploring and activity.

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