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Happy Socks' offerings are constantly changing as they sell out of current designs and add new ones. It's a good place to get funky, casual socks in smaller sizes, but you'll have to sift through some pretty tacky designs to find the good stuff.

Looks good, and I like their hiking socks, but it was hard to find smaller sizes in stock.

Do any of the wonderful Primer writers have any awesome tips on where to find nice socks? I’ve done the Target thing via one of your articles, but they’re still running a little large (with the heel sliding up my ankle) and I don’t have terribly small feet (Size 9, or 9.5 depending on the manufacturer of shoe). – Doug C.

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Baby Socks: X-Small = 0-6 months, Small = 6-12 months, Medium = 12-24 months This is great information except that there are more than a few of us with even smaller feet. I am size 5-5.5 US or 38 EU, and I have yet to find any sort of selection anywhere. The best in Los Angeles so far is Nordstrom kids department but the style isn’t really what I want. For black and navy I just buy boys socks at Target and toss them after a few months. It would be nice to find great socks. Any ideas?

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Great article, it already helped me find no-show fitness socks that fit. In addition to all this valuable information, sometime ago I found out that Boss men’s socks run small and are also a great, fashionable alternative for us.

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Or make good on your New Years resolution to learn to knit socks - this is a perfect project to learn all the sock knitting techniques at a small scale.You’re on your way to perfect fitting socks for your petite feet! We have designed and tested our little socks from toe to heel to meet the needs of small feet. Our socks made for small feet fit women's shoe sizes 4-7. We are the little sock that fits.If you're a woman with small feet, you know how hard it can be to find small size socks and other hosiery. That's because many of the so-called "one-size-fits-all" socks on sale today just don't cut it for women with shoe sizes less than 7. If you're one of them, see below for some goods sources of stylish and practical socks that come in size small.I set out to find the best socks for small feet. I looked high and low, searching the vast corners of the Web for any company claiming to make smaller sized socks.Plus, even if it did make sense, it's very hard to find socks made for men who wear shoes smaller than size 8. I wear a size 7, and most socks are too big.Many companies claim to make socks for small feet. But more often than not, these are empty promises. I was dissapointed to find that Amazon and Zappos didn't really have any small socks.