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If the Polder Advantage is sold out, you don’t care for its look, or you need a rack that can be oriented so that the long side drains into the sink, get the . It currently costs about $10 less than our top pick, and you also get a five-year warranty (versus the Polder’s lack of one), smaller countertop footprint (247.7 square inches to the Polder’s 266), and a bamboo knife block. In our tests we found that it drained well, held plenty of dishes—as much as the Polder—and the plastic slots were gentle on enamel and fragile plates. Our previous runner-up pick, the , has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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Our restaurant smallware makes the perfect elegant wedding tableware, plus it adds an exquisite element to buffets and sit-down dinners. Restaurantware's posh and elegant plastic smallware will allow you to display your foods with stylish curves, bold edges, and creative flair. Your restaurant fare will become the rage of town when you use some of our classy plasticware.

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Non-Plastic Small Stainless Steel Bowl | Dishes - Life Without Plastic Small plastic trays containing microwaveable food come in a variety of shapes and sizes. With a little preparation these can be used as slump molds for quickly making a collection of dishes and trays.

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I purchased these bowls for watering my rabbits in the winter. The only time I have had to bring them in to thaw is when it was -20, and the water was frozen solid. Even at that, 5 minutes in the house, and the ice popped right out! I have several of these, so I can change them out when they get dirty. Yes, the rabbits chew on them, but they don't do too much damage, just a few marks along the edges. It would be nice to have a smaller size for the little ones. The quart size is big enough for a small kit to drown in, and I ended up using small plastic dog dishes the their cage. Other than that, I have no complaints, and will be ordering more of these bowls as my rabbitry expands.

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Take a look at all the food and water dishes at any pet supply store and you’ll see a wide range of different sizes, shapes and materials. There are big ones, small ones, plastic dishes, ceramic dishes and stainless steel dishes. What kind should you buy? Is there one that’s best for your animal?Our vibrant selection of plastic smallware will give you an unparalleled selection of designs to delight your clients, European influence adds grace and style to these plastic plates, disposable mini dishes, and party supplies. Choose from many colors, including seagreen plastic to give your customers a clear view of the culinary feasts you've hidden within, or black for a hint of luxury and decadence, or white to add a clean and inspiring glow to your upscale catering.