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Horses and ponies in particular are safer kept inside woven wire fence with squares of smaller dimensions, such as "no climb" fence with squares that are approximately two inches by four inches. This type of wire is also more effective for containing goats.

red shale, barkman bridge wood pavers, small front yard, decomposed granite, hog panel fence

Garden and utility fencing can contain pets and can keep animals out of gardens. The material is available in rolls 2 to 5 feet high and lengths up to 150 feet. Sometimes referred to as hardware cloth, it's also available with a vinyl coating, usually green or brown. When used with rail fencing, welded wire functions as a pet containment fence for large areas. Plastic / polyresin and wood are lighter-weight alternatives for light duty or seasonal use. Hex netting or chicken wire is often used to fence in poultry, but can also work for small pets such as rabbits.

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red shale, barkman bridge wood pavers, small front yard, decomposed granite, hog panel fence It is often necessary to create some sort of division between a garden space and its surroundings. You may need to divide your small front yard from the street. Or you may want to replace a low chain and post fence that divides your strip of garden from its neighbors with something that gives you at least some measure of privacy. Before choosing a particular type of garden fence, ask yourself a few questions. Do you want to seclude your space from the outside world? Or do you just want some sort of attractive boundary demarcation? Or do you want to retain the pleasant view on one side of your garden and hide an ugly building on the other?

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There are numerous types of open fencing (chain link and trellis to name two); choose one that complements the style of your garden space. Openwork fencing is a good support for climbing plants, which are ideal for small gardens because they take up so little ground space. They can be used to infill areas of see-through fencing to provide seasonal or year-round shelter and privacy, or grown up trellis-work to decorate a wall. Wires stretched between timber verticals make an excellent form of fencing/plant support and can be easily constructed. Fencing is much lighter than walling and thus can be used to give a balcony or roof-space privacy and shelter, without imposing too much strain on the structure. Make sure that you are not infringing any planning regulations and that the fence is well secured so that the wind does not blow it over.

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