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#7: Aolun No Bark Shock Dog Collar with 7 Sensitivity LevelsNo Harm No Pain Vibration Adjustable Buckles for Small Medium & Large DogsPrevent Barking Ensure Good Behavior & Facilitate Training

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#9: [Upgraded 2017 Version] Bark Collar w/Upgraded Chip. BEST Dog Shock / Vibration Anti-Barking Collar. No Bark Control w/5 Levels for Small / Medium / Large Dogs / Electronic Pet Safe Stop Device (GT5)

and bark control collars for even the smallest toy breed dogs

Dog Anti Bark Collar. Small Dog Bark Collar. Sound and Vibration Pain Free Anti Bark Collar. This Citronella bark collar for small dogs stand out from the rest due to the Patented Perfect Bark Detection system. This bark detection systems ensures that when other dogs bark, the bark collar will not release a spray. This feature is so compelling, that my circle of small dog owners love it so much! You can bring your small dog to the playpen without fearing that the barks from other dogs will trigger the sprays.

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If your dog weighs between 8 to 55 pounds and have a neck size of 21 inches and below, you will be able to wear this Citronella bark collar for small dogs on your dog. You might want to purchase additional too.

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A no bark collar is a useful gadget forowners that want to train a dog to be less noisy. Small dogs tend to become even noisier than larger dogs, due to what owners often call the small dog syndrome. If your companion has become a source of trouble with the neighbors, it is time to change his barking behavior.With no bark collars for small dogs the most important issues are safety and comfort. There are several types of no bark collars for smalldogs, here are some tips on how to choose one.Before buying a no bark collar for your small dog, you should try to understand the causes of his barking and make sure he is affected by a health problem causing the aggressive behavior. Also, small dogs just asany other dogs, need to express themselves through barking, so you shouldn't aim at having a completely silent dog.No bark dog collars deliver a shock to your dog each time he barks. According to manufacturer web site, these collars fit dogs as small as two pounds, which encompasses almost every dog. However, the safety of these collars, for any size of dog, is a different matter.