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Sioux Falls rolls out the red carpet to welcome these visitors — estimated at more than 30,000 throughout the week. The annual Sioux Empire Farm Show is a great way for South Dakota’s largest city to recognize the impact that agriculture continues to have in our community.

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Due to current and expected regional growth, several large construction projects have been or will be undertaken. New interchanges have recently been added to Interstate 29. An interchange was also completed on I-90 at Marion Road. I-29 has recently been improved from I-90 to 57th Street. This upgrade includes additional lanes and auxiliary lanes. Over the next decade, the city of Sioux Falls and the South Dakota Department of Transportation plan to construct a around the outer edges of the city to the south and east known as . This highway will start at the northern Tea exit (Exit 73 on I-29, 101st Street) and will travel east on 101st Street, and curve northeast east of Western Avenue, then turn northerly near Sycamore Avenue. The highway will end at the Timberline Avenue exit (Exit 402 on I-90).

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota is: Urban centers are few and far between in South Dakota, making Sioux Falls a regional shopping hub. The expansive Empire Mall is one of the leading attractions in Sioux Falls, drawing window shoppers and impulse buyers to its huge lineup of over 140 stores.

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All those things that everyone loves about the famous, jaded, sea-beaten SF (and more!) can also be found in a fresh, friendly, affordable Midwestern SF: Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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