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Sheba is a very rich adult food so I’d say that’s what’s caused the diarrhea.. I would recommend giving him plain boiled chicken no bones . Whenever a cat/kitten is sickly the best thing to feed them is bland food until their stomach is better again.

Kitten food was (and still is!!) the staple of her diet but we'd maybe give her a can of Sheba every other day, in small portions

Sheba cat food sounds pretty good, I would definitely give it a shot if any future kitties ended up disliking my usual go-to grain free food, Orijen. Thanks for the post, AAM!

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Today I took advantage of a 2 for 1 coupon for Sheba cat food, and fed a can to the kittens. Here iss a picture of the bowl 10 minutes later. Well my opinionated kitty was making me think I would have to put that guarantee to the test. Haldir was quite a bit stand offish when we first offered the SHEBA® food to him. He DOES NOT like wet food. Give him dry food, or even better, the dog’s dry food, and he’s happy. But knowing his personality, and that he will often show complete disinterest in something until we aren’t paying attention, I walked away and let it sit. An hour later, after furtively glancing around to make sure no one was watching, he sauntered over and explored the dish of Tuna Cuts Entree. Sure enough, he dove right in. He ate it all! Our little kitty is secretly a little piggy!

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So many cat foods these days are filled with corn, grains and gluten. Our poor kitty Haldir actually got quite sick as a kitten, when we tried a few of these brands for him. But the first ingredient in every SHEBA® Paté is meat; either beef, poultry, or seafood. Their cuts in gravy recipes all have broth as the first and meat as the second ingredient.

Feed a kitten up to 5 portions twice daily

My new kitten, Elliott, is about 5.5 weeks old. I’ve had him since Thursday evening. The first day I fed him kitten milk replacement, but since then he has been eating wet food ( i forget the brand, but it was small slices/chunks in gravy/broth). He had normal bowel movements his first two days, but my boyfriend brought home a new cat food (Sheba pate) when we ran out. He had diarrhea (watery, light brown goopy poop) once last night, once this morning, and once about two hours ago. I figured it was the change in food, and upon further research, see that Sheba is not a reccomended daily food, but more of a treat. I bought some 9 Live Tender Slices to give him for dinner, but am not sure if this will be better for him. We also have a bag of Science Diet dry food kitten formula, which he doesn’t seem to like.All that said, I am desperate for a meat-only food that my kitties will eat. I have one cat who turns her nose up at everything but Friskies (and only a few flavors of that!). Now that I know Sheba is a meat-base alternative, I plan to buy one of each flavor next time I go shopping.From about six months we gradually introduced our kitty to "adult" food. Kitten food was (and still is!!) the staple of her diet but we'd maybe give her a can of Sheba every other day, in small portions.