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You might not be familiar with “1,4-Dioxane” but it’s a chemical component commonly used in everyday products, such as shampoos, lotions, and cosmetics. It may also cause cancer, which is why a pair of U.S. Senators are urging the Food & Drug Administration to begin the process of eliminating this chemical from consumer products.

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What is the absolute longest a woman should go without washing her hair?
If you need to reach for dry shampoo after a third use, it's time to take a shower, according to Sims.

How do you suggest recreating the scent of fresh, clean hair?
"Take an essential oil like grapefruit, eucalyptus or peppermint, add a few drops to your fingertips, then run lightly over hair. I also like to do this at the base of the neck and behind the ears," says Bush.

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Sen filk, Shampoo & Conditioner, shampoo & repairmentquasi with all 12 possible combinations. My hair is fine, mid-lenght, wavy and very fragile. This is the first shampoo that doesn't damage my hair. I wash my hair every day with it since 3 years, and I have less split ends than before. I've choose to use the dry hair formula, because it's the most gentle one. The smell is great but a little too strong for me. And I'd like it better if it was unscented, but it's definately perfection made shampoo. The conditionner works great too (I use the one for normal hair because the dry hair formula is way too moisturizing for my fine hair). My color stays longer since I use Senscience shampoo and conditionner too ! Definately a winner in my book...

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This 100% natural, gentle, yet effective bar may also be used for the face and body! And the great lather it works up makes it excellent for shaving. A perfect combination shampoo and body wash for travellers on the go.

A unique Ayurvedic formula which includes organic Neem, the premier herb for skin and scalp, plus 5 other potent herbal extracts: Reetha, Shikakai, Henna, Amla, and Methi, along with the essential oil of Tulsi (Holy Basil), all prized for their natural cleansing, nourishing and rejuvenating properties and effect on the hair and scalp.

Rainforest friendly
100% Biodegradable
Great for camping, gym, & travel

One bar is equal to 20 oz. liquid shampoo.

For all doshas and hair types.

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New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand to the FDA Thursday calling on the agency to require companies to strip the chemical entirely from shampoos, shower gels, lotions, and other products where it’s currently found.The soaps and shampoos commonly used by the population at large have a pH outside the range of normal skin and hair pH values. Therefore, it is hoped that before recommending soap to patient especially those who have sensitive and acne prone skin, due consideration is given to the pH factor and also that manufacturers will give a thought to pH of soaps and shampoos manufactured by them, so that their products will be more skin and hair friendly."I think it is utterly ridiculous that you have to have some sort of state license to braid hair and to shampoo hair, and I think that we have got to make it much easier to go ahead and earn a living in this state," said state Sen. Brian Kelsey.Parampara Kuntal Sree shampoo is a revolutionary new concept in hair care by Dr. Debabrata Sen. It not only keeps you 100% dandruff free but also nourishes and moisturises hair making it strong and silky.

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