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- FIRMLY HOLDS YOUR BABY CAR SEAT IN PLACE - This carefully designed child car seat protector cover for under your safety car seat includes a colorfast, heat resistant anti-slip backing that is safe to use on cars with tan leather car seats. The anti-slip material under this baby car seat seat protector helps prevent your carseat slipping around your backseat. The convenient headrest straps KEEP THE BACK UPRIGHT AND IN PLACE - so you won't have to worry about the back flopping over onto your child

DIY Car Seat Protector. So need this. I hate it when I move the booster seats for adults and have to madly dust away crumbs.

“Softly padded, waterproof protection that keeps car seats and strollers dry. Whether it’s a wet swimsuit or a toilet training accident, Dry Seat makes travel more comfortable and stress free for everyone.”

It is a must-have in a car with leather seats

Would Britax car protectors be ok with Britax car seats? It says they were crash tested and approved for use with Britax seats. I went to Target and Babies R Us and bought every seat protector I could find and installed a Cosco Scenera on them in my dh’s SUV with leather seats. The instruction manual for the Scenera says that a towel may be used under the car seat to protect upholstery. I first installed the Scenera without a seat protector so you can see the imprint the car seat left on the leather after just a few minutes. It was quite noticeable.

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You know that you need a to keep your child safe, but have you considered ? The reality is that car seats can easily damage the fabric of your seats, especially if you have leather seats. Instead of worrying about your car being damaged, there is a simple solution. Car seat protectors are a simple and quick solution to this problem. Additionally, there is no denying that , and over time things like crumbs can get in your seats and make for a huge mess. A car seat protector helps to trap any mess instead of it getting .

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Seat protectors are not recommended, as they can mask a bad install. Although, it is permissible to use the protectors made by your specific car seat's brand. For instance, britax makes a mat and that mat can only be used with their britax seats. Just keep in mind that even in that instance, there is still a margin of error for a bad installation.That being said, I just got a new car two weeks ago, with leather seats (my old car was leather as well). I currently have three kids and all are in car seats. I've never used the seat protector mats for reasons stated above. When I take the seats out, there are always indents but if you let them sit for some time (sometimes a couple of days) the indents will work their way out. It is suggested to take your seats out overnight every once in awhile to do this as well as to condition your leather.