Our best rear seat protector for fit and comfort for your dog

The was the next one and I was very interested to see how the installation would go with this one. It’s a thick-ish piece of grippy rubber. I intentionally left the seat belt loose-enough to pinch some belt-because I wanted to see if the rubber would grip the bottom of the car seat and give it a false sense of tightness. I thought it might, but I was surprised at how much it did. I left enough slack in the belt for several inches of movement, but the mat only let the seat move maybe an inch. I did tighten the seat belt to see if it hindered tightening it completely and it didn’t, but this could be dangerous for a parent who doesn’t know that the car seat has to be completely tightened down. I left the Scenera there for a few minutes since it was one of the thicker mats to see if the mat protected the leather from indentations and it did not; there were marks on the leather.

Here’s how to see if a specific seat protector works under your child’s car seat:

The manufacturer may allow a towel, blanket, or their specific brand of seat protector underneath the seat. The manual may specify that nothing should be used under the car seat at all.

Use together with CoverAll Seat Protectors which are sold separately

Our stance on this issue? Avoid using a seat protector if at all possible. Why? I have had the same 2 Eddie Bauer seat protectors with clip on toy bags for almost 7 years now. I used them RF and FF with at least 5 different seats I think and 3 different vehicles. I always get my installations checked and never has the mat been a problem. The design and materials of the mat are just like the ones in the videos. I actually get complimented at checks for my tight install. But I also insist on installing them to the point of no little movement at the belt path.

Mat to protect front seat is sold separate

My problem is that I cannot figure out what to do to protect the seat backs from ERFers’ muddy shoes. It seems that the 2-piece seat protectors do not have anything to prevent the part that goes on the back of the seat from flopping over onto the kids. I am thinking of buying thin kick mats (the kind that go on the back of the front seat for forward facing kids)since they can attach to the head rest. Any other ideas?

Only protects on bottom of seat, not back

The Britax Vehicle Seat Protector offers an engineered, non-slip material for best-in-class car seat crash performance while providing protection to the vehicle seat from spills, debris, and compression. The Britax Vehicle Seat Protector is waterproof and easy to clean with raised edges on all sides to keep spills and debris contained, and a front seat guard that hangs over the vehicle seat to protect it from muddy shoes. The Vehicle Seat Protector is also LATCH compatible and crash tested and approved for use with Britax car seats.A thick seat protector or mat between a child restraint and vehicle seat introduces space between the two. If the seat protector shifts over time, that can loosen the car seat’s installation.Caregivers often ask us how they can protect their vehicle’s seats when a car seat is installed. It’s a valid question, especially coming from expectant parents who wonder what the car seat will do to a previously untouched vehicle interior, one that had been devoid of ground goldfish crackers and spilled beverages.Some manufacturers test their seat protectors and assert that they comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (). This sounds convincing, but here’s the caveat: