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If you're having trouble finding an Ace store near you, try adjusting the distance you want to search on. You may find more stores just a couple more miles away.

We can search the Nike stores nearby you for trail shoes. Where are you currently located?

Google Now has a new purpose: reminding you to spend money. With the latest update to Google Search, Android users will soon begin receiving notifications when nearby retailers carry an item they've recently searched for online. If you've queried Google about a new pair of hiking boots or a toy for your kid, don't be surprised if those items automatically appear in a Google Now card — assuming a nearby store actually carries them. If so, you'll see the products, their prices, and the stores where you can find them show up in a card meant to "remind you that you wanted them," Google says. It's not clear how many products Google keeps track of at any one time, nor how long it will hang onto items and check if you can buy them locally.

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Search for a nearby XFINITY Store or Comcast Service Center with our store locator page. Family Dollar stores can be found across the country, which means that there's probably one near you. Use our quick and easy search feature to find the Family Dollar locations nearest you – and save big on the things your family needs.

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Services such as Foursquare, Google+ Local and Yelp can help you succeed, if you let them. One of the challenges in retail is getting the word out about your business. But shoppers are searching for nearby stores and products everyday. Are they finding you? Or are you making it easy for them to find your competitors?

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Find products carried at nearby stores for over 200,000 store locations. Locate and map products down to the aisle and section inside over 13,000 stores with searchable indoor maps.This map displays locations of stores near your search address. These locations include AT&T stores, AT&T authorized retailers, and other stores that sell AT&T products and services. To view store details, click a pin