Choose shells with the correct opening size for your hermit crabs

This time I am going to tell (and show) you just how crazy things can get when hermit crabs fight for those seashell homes. It’s a crab vs. crab world down under the sea.

Where can I buy sea shells for my hermit crabs? Photo credtit – Marnel Rodriguez

An alternative to boiling the seashells is using a solution of 1/2 cup mixed with 2 gallons of body-temperature water. Stir the shells to remove any air bubbles, and let them sit for eight to 12 minutes. Rinse them thoroughly to remove the bleach, and let them rest for around 30 minutes before placing them in the . Keep in mind that excess bleach left on the shells can make hermit crabs lose their appetite and become lethargic.

Round Opening seashells are measured side to side

I did not know that taking seashells was robbing hermit crabs of a home. We all need to be informed; not everyone knows these things. Since all species of hermit crabs should have access to both fresh and salt water, you will need two water dishes. They should be big and deep enough to let the crabs get into them if they wish to soak (especially the salt water dish), but easy to get out of and not so deep that drowning is a risk (strawberry hermit crabs should be given a salt pool deep enough to fully submerge themselves in, but for most species it does not need to be that deep). With deeper dishes, smooth river stones or pieces of coral can be used as ramps or steps for the crabs to get out of the water. ZooMed makes a nice water bowl ( ) that is attractive and is good for hermit crabs due to the stepped edges for easy access in and out, and their Repti Rock dishes work well too. You should also place natural sea sponges in the water dishes; some crabs will press on these to get water to drink and they help regulate the humidity.

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If you've ever bought a pet hermit crab, then you may remember also having to buy several sea shells with it. This is because the crabs don't have shells of their own, and instead have to find empty shells from other creatures and use those. As a hermit crab grows, it'll need to upsize to larger shells, hence the need to supply it with multiple choices. Unfortunately, every empty shell gathered for the pet trade is one less for the wild hermit crabs to move into. In places where the beaches have been picked clean, the crabs have reportedly resorted to using things such as bottles and shotgun shells. That's where Miles Lightwood's Project Shellter comes in - he's hoping to design 3D printed shells for use in the pet industry, and is seeking ideas from interested artists and designers.

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